To simplify your experience of dealing with Maersk, we are decommissioning the below given inland surcharges with effective date from 01-Feb-2022.

The following charges will be fully decommissioned and no longer in use:

  • Double Axle Chassis Export (DAE) and Double Axle Chassis Import (DAI)
  • Delivery Order Issuance (DOI)
  • Transfer to Bonded Warehouse Export (IBE)
  • Proof of Delivery Export (PDE) and Proof of Delivery Import (PDI)

The following charges will be replaced with alternative to be used from 01-Feb-2022:

  • Change in Transport Mode Export/Import (CTE/CTI) will be replaced by Inland Cancellation Fee Export/Import (ICE/ICI)
  • Priority Rail Service (PRI) will be replaced by Bonded Cargo Service for Inland Transportation (IBC)
  • Flatbed Chassis Export/Import (FCE/FCI), Low Flatbed/Low Deck Chassis Export/Import (LLE/LLI), Slide Trailer Export/Import (SLE/SLI) will be replaced by Origin/Destination Specialized Chassis (OSC/DSC).

For your reference, you can also use our inland price look-up feature to find inland rates & its related mandatory surcharges online via that are already included in your existing contract or look up our tariff rates.

We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing working with you in the future.

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