Maersk is pleased to announce that we have resumed our acceptance of new bookings to and from Port Sudan.

Port activities have steadily increased since port operations resumed on a conditional basis in November. During this time, Maersk has been working steadily to ensure delayed shipments at the transshipment hubs of Jeddah and King Abdullah, have been cleared.

As previously communicated, the tenuous situation in the country caused a 7-week long port closure, causing delays in shipment and the need for alternative plans. However, the reopening has meant that the backlog of shipments are well on their way to being cleared, with the remaining shipments’ transportation plans updated accordingly and the acceptance of new bookings to and from Port Sudan, reopened.

We continue to monitor the situation in Sudan closely, and will keep you abreast of any changes to port operations and your shipments, should they occur.

We understand and appreciate how important flexibility and agility are to your supply chain, and as such have introduced various options for you, when you are placing your bookings to/from Sudan.

Our offerings Details Price Applicable period
Our offerings
Flex Hub Lite1

Depending on the actual transport plan per shipment and where the cargo is at time of request, Flex Hub Lite could give you access to below freetime in one of below hubs

  • Up to 28 days in Tanjung Pelepas, Salalah, Port Said East, Port Tangier
  • Up to 14 days in Jeddah or King Abdullah

Acceptance is subject to terminal space availability at time of request

EUR 800 per container
Applicable period
For shipments from/to Sudan with scheduled departure from 21st December until further notice
Our offerings
Change of Destination Service (COD)2

COD Service could give customer flexibility and agility to adjust the transport plan even when the cargo is already on water. Instead of the standard price, you can enjoy a discount of 50% off when purchasing COD service.

It is still subject to the expense of re-stowage and extra shifting cost.

Acceptance is subject to capacity of the new destination and operational feasibility.

EUR 150 per container
Applicable period
For shipments to Sudan with scheduled departure from 21st December until further notice
Our offerings
Export Freetime Extension

In case you think you might need more freetime than usual at origin, freetime extension would give you 2 weeks extra on top of the standard freetime allowance.

The scope of freetime extension is only for origin ports where Maersk is responsible for detention or demurrage. It does not include port or terminal storage paid to port or terminal directly by customers.

EUR 150 per container for 2 weeks extension
Applicable period
For shipments from/to Sudan with scheduled departure from 21st December until further notice

1. Flex Hub Lite is feasible to order from container loading at first loading port to 72 hours prior to estimated arrival time to hub port.
2. COD is feasible to order from full container gate-in to first loading port to 3 or 5 days prior to estimated arrival time to transport/final discharge port.

We hope that by offering you Flex Hub Lite, COD Service and Export Freetime Extension, we can help you find more flexibility in your transportation plan, helping you ward against the risk of uncertainties that may impact your supply chain.

We thank you for your trust and loyalty and look forward to welcoming back your bookings to/from Sudan.

Should you have any further questions, please contact your local Maersk professional. Our customer service and commercial teams are always available to support should you need assistance.  

To start placing your bookings and to view the most recent schedules, please visit Maersk website.

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