As per of 3rd of August 2021 the new system of Maersk containers notification to BCT Gdynia port will go live. The changes refer to the road transportation (the rail transportation remains unchanged). The new process of containers notification will simplify the pickup and drop off units in road transportation as well as will reduce manual tasks by all engaged parties in the subjected notification process.

Just as MEMO the current notification process is as follows

Pickup of container(s) / import

  • Maersk release the container(s) to freight forwarder in Main Sail system (BCT system). After this, and when the container(s) is(are) customs cleared/released, the entitled party is able to pick up container(s).
  • The assigned/entitled party/freight forwarder/carrier is obliged to proceed with container(s)pickup notification in Main Sail system.

Drop of / export

  • The assigned/entitled party/freight forwarder/carrier is obliged to proceed with container(s) export notification in Main Sail system as well as provide driver’s and truck details.
  • The driver inputs the container(s) number(s) and any value in the field of „gross weight” in electronic kiosk and drops off the container(s) in port (reg any value, the real gross weight of container(s) is retrieved from the initial notification and not from the electronic kiosk, where the driver inputs any randomly chosen value/signs etc)

The new process as from 3rd of August 2021

Pickup container(s) / import

  • Maersk releases the container(s) in import by PIN(s) numbers that are generated in the system and sent out to Customers
  • There is possibility to pick up the container(s) without any notification – in such scenario the driver provides only in electronic kiosk: the number(s) of container(s) and PIN(s) numbers. As the last action – driver pickups the container(s). Having PIN(s) number(s) the Customer can assign own code without the Line’s assistance.

Drop off of container(s) / export

  • Maersk proceeds with sea carrier’s notification in Main Sail system automatically (through EDI).
  • There is no required any additional task to drop the container(s) off in port any longer. As from 3rd of August 2021, in order to drop off the container(s) full in port, the driver is obliged to provide 3 information
    • Container(s) number(s),
    • Booking reference,
    • Cargo gross weight (it’s highly important as that weight will be visible in BCT system after the container(s) drop off in port and as well as on documents required to customs clearance. To avoid any potential requests for the amendments the weight is a mandatory for the driver to fill it correctly at the time of container(s) drop off. The weight must be provided in kgs parameter.
  • In any case the assigned/entitled party/freight forwarder/carrier will like to place an order before container(s) drop off at BCT port – for example: order for VGM – then the process will be the same as it is before 3rd of August 2021 – (check the current notification process described in the first part of the advisory – with additional booking reference information to be provided as the notification reference – in that case the driver will be required to provide the weight information in kiosk at BCT port.

Drop off empty container(s)

After imports container(s) to be dropped off with the dedicated booking reference created by BCT, it is booking reference that starts with: MAEXXXX, whereas XXXX it’s ISO of the specific type of container(s) for example: MAE22G1 (20’dc) or MAE45G1 (40’hc).


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