To enhance the security and transparency of all partners involved in the import release process, the Port of Antwerp has teamed up with software provider Nxt Port to develop a new platform for the import cargo release in the port. The platform is called CPU, which stands for Certified Pick-Up.

You most likely have been informed about this already by the international media and via several martime related organisations. After a lot of development work on the platform, it is now time to check whether you are ready and geared up!

How does it work?

Working via the platform will be mandatory as of 1st of July. Release will be live for some terminals (PSA/MPET) via the platform. Others will follow suit.
Since not all terminals will be live, pin code pick-up will still be possible for now.

You may wonder why you have not seen your Maersk shipments on the platform yet.
We are working on the last finetunings with Nxt Port to enable go live soonest. It won’t be long, so it is time to get ready and get onto the platform!

As a shipping agent we will release your cargo via CPU to the release-to-party assigned by you (you, a forwarder,..). The release-to-party can either accept the release, forward it to another party or reject it. All on that same platform.
Pre-requisite is that all parties involved in the import release (shipping agent, release to party , forwarders, the terminals, transport operator) will be communicating via the platform and therefore need to be registered.

Are you and your company already registered onto the platform?

If the answer is ‘yes’? Please provide us your APCS code. You can find it when you log into APCS and check under ‘company’.
If the answer is ‘no’ then please check out below links to get ready for this new process, so that your cargo will have a smooth import process.
You can register here
A step by step userguide can be found on the link below under the header ‘registration’.

What is in it for you?

You will find a short introduction video on the concept, clarification on the benefits and a cost break down here
Please also look at the tutorial on how the user interface works.

We are here to ensure this transition is smooth for you and your business. If you need support on the registration please contact the Nxt Port support desk.

In case you have questions on the release-to-party set-up with Maersk, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your customer service team.

Anything you need, we’re here to help


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