A.P. Moller - Maersk joins forces with 11 other leading European companies to improve the social conditions of truck drivers in the road transport and logistics sector across Europe.

Given our ambition of becoming a global integrator of logistics services it is crucial that Maersk addresses supply chain ESG issues through collaborative platforms, and Maersk Procurement is paving a way for active engagement with suppliers in raising ESG standards within our supply chain.

With the goal to improve the social conditions of truck drivers in the road transportation and logistics sector across Europe, A.P. Moller - Maersk has joined forces with 11 other leading European companies under the ‘Responsible Trucking’ Collaborative Platform facilitated by CSR Europe.

“Collaborative action with customers and industry peers is a very important lever to address ESG topics, more so in addressing systemic supply chain challenges. Through ‘Responsible Trucking’ platform, Maersk is taking a lead in shaping the outlook for tangible improvements in social working conditions in EU for truck drivers,'' explained Henrik Larsen, Maersk Chief Procurement Officer at Maersk.

The participants of the platforms include some our key customers like IKEA, H&M, BMW along with global suppliers like XPO Logistics. As founding members of this platform, they are actively contributing in shaping the guidelines and the industry outlook to improve working conditions of truck drivers in EU. The platform has published the Social Guidelines for truck transport within EU on 17 June, 2021. The Social Guidelines reflect a joint commitment regarding truck drivers’ working conditions in terms of forced labour, child labour, harassment, working and resting times, remuneration, benefits, non-discrimination, freedom of association and collective bargaining, health and safety, disciplinary practices, access to facilities, rest and recreation, and facilities’ requirements.

Through ‘Responsible Trucking’ platform, Maersk is taking a lead in shaping the outlook for tangible improvements in social working conditions in EU for truck drivers.

Henrik Larsen
Henrik Larsen
Maersk Chief Procurement Officer.

''Through our Responsible Procurement initiatives, we will work with suppliers to enable better social working conditions and use the social guidelines to also strengthen our ESG Procurement strategy which would contribute to overall Maersk ESG ambitions and support sustainable customer value proposition,” said Henrik Larsen, Maersk Chief Procurement Officer.​​​​​​​

Why is this important?

Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) issues are becoming prominent within the shipping and logistics industries due to the growing demands from customers, regulators and society in general.

Customers are increasingly demanding more supply chain transparency on ESG issues to allow better traceability and control for risk mitigation. They consider sustainability as prominent aspect in managing their supply chains and look at Maersk as a reliable partner. Our customers expect us not only to drive compliance to meet legislative requirements but also exceed these standards to ensure alignment with universally accepted principles such as United Nations Development of Human rights (UNDHR), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), etc.

Along with customer focus, regulatory bodies are increasing their demands on supply chain ESG issues through legislations. On 31 May 2017, the EU Commission adopted Mobility Package I, a wide-ranging set of initiatives to address key challenges affecting European transport and mobility. Amongst other benefits, the Package aims to significantly improve working conditions in the road transport sector by focusing on driving times and rest conditions of drivers.

The ‘Responsible Trucking’ initiative partners are committed to take steps towards implementation of these guidelines and will continue the knowledge sharing and collaborative actions. This will also help in standardising the social working conditions expectations in EU road transport sector, thereby promoting a level-playing field for customers, peers and suppliers.

For further information, please contact:

Concepción Boo Arias
Concepción Boo Arias
Senior Press Officer, Europe Media Manager
+45 24495026
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