As a step forward towards increasing ease of business, the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs has made some changes in the regulation for filing Sea Cargo Manifest for all cargo arriving on the vessel calling India and departing on a vessel from India. The new regulations are termed as Sea Cargo Manifest & Transhipment (SCMT).

The implementation date for these new regulations as per the Customs P/N 39/2021 is 31st May 2021. The new changes will be effective for the vessels departing from India on and after 31st May 2021.

In the new regulations, the current Export General Manifest will be termed as “Sea Departure Manifest (SDM)”. Amendments to this Export Manifest will be termed as “Sea Departure Amendments (SDA) and SMTP transhipment manifest will be termed as “Departure Transhipment Manifest”.

Maersk is registered for the new regulations as Authorised Sea Carriers (ASC) and we are ready with the solutions per the new requirements furnished by SCMT regulations. Below is the summary of the high-level changes in the regulations for Sea Departure Manifest (SDM).

  • The new regulations cover the reporting of all cargo in the ship rather than import/ export cargo (coastal cargo, same bottom cargo)
  • Seeks additional details about every cargo reported which includes Cargo HS Code, Marks & Numbers, Consignee & Notify GST/PAN number etc.
  • It ensures track and trace of the cargo reported
  • The timeline of reporting of the manifest advanced to departure of the vessel from port of loading
  • Online feature to perform the amendments online
  • Mandatory Submission of Shipping Instructions and HBL Documents required 48 hours prior vessel arrival at first load port

We have partnered with ODEX for submission of eSB, eHBL, CSN under SCMTR regulations.

If you are registered with Customs for self-manifest filing under SCMTR, you must submit / file your HBL details to Customs giving Carrier MBL Number reference and in return obtain the CSN (which can be shared to the Carrier). You also have an option to share your full HBL filed in ODEX to us.

If you prefer the shipping line/Maersk to file the manifest on your behalf, you can submit your HBL details to us along with MBL SI Details. In case multiple forwarders involved, kindly share details to NVOCC / Consolidators.

Listed below are the steps to provide the newly introduced mandatory data elements – 6 Digit Harmonised System (HS) Codes and Marks & Numbers.

Update on Sea Cargo Manifest & Transhipment regulation - Exports

Declaration of International HS6 code

  • Shipping Instructions received without or incomplete WCO (World Customs Organization) HS6-digit code will not be processed. These shipping instructions will be rejected, requesting you to resend the shipping instructions with complete information.
  • When you are submitting your Shipping Instructions online at Maersk website please input the HS Code in the provided field as illustrated beside.
  • In case of multiple commodities HS codes for all the Commodities needs to be listed clearly in the cargo description field as well.
  • HS6 Code needs to be provided in “Cargo Description” field for other channels – EDI and INTTRA with Key word – “HS Code”
  • The sole responsibility lies with you to provide accurate details on the shipping instructions and these will be strictly adhered.
Update on Sea Cargo Manifest & Transhipment regulation - Exports

Marks and Numbers

  • Shipping Instructions needs to be submitted with Marks & Number as a mandatory field and same will be declared to the customs through Import Manifest.
  • We will update the default value as “No Marks” if shipping instructions are submitted without Marks & Number and same will be updated in Import Manifest.
  • When you are submitting your Shipping Instructions online at Maersk website please input Marks & Number correctly in the provided field as illustrated beside
  • Marks & Number to be provided under “SHIPPING MARKS” while submitting the Shipping Instructions via INTTRA and EDI.

Role of ODEX as Maersk’s EDI Partner for submission of eSB, eHBL, CSN in SCMTR

We are pleased to inform you that Maersk has partnered with ODEX for the submission of Shipping Bill or PCIN Number, House BL & Master BL data for required for Sea Departure Manifest (SDM). If you do not have access to submit the Shipping BL or PCIN number, you can register on ODEX and follow the instructions provided in the below demo video links.

ODeX Registration

eSB Request

eHBL Request

What you need to Update in ODEX portal

  • Shipper to upload PDF Shipping Bill on ODEX system. In addition to PDF file, Shipper will have to either upload PCIN # / SB EDI file/Excel file or update all data required for SDM filing purpose in ODEX system. (This is for validating the information for successful filing)
  • The HBL or CSN # as per the case to be furnished in ODEX portal in advance
  • Any such variations / inconsistencies between the MBL, HBP & S/Bill Data — Exception / Rejection Report, Mismatches If any / Errors will be communicated to the shipper instantly who must revert with corrections soonest by return.

List of Important & Mandatory details required by Shipping lines for SDM filing

  • The sea departure manifest will be based upon the bill of lading information and not based on Customs Shipping Bill as is the practice today. Accordingly, it is imperative that the complete and correct shipping instructions are submitted by the customers as per agreed timelines by Shipping lines.
  • Special care must be taken to ensure that the mandatory fields required for submission of sea departure manifest are correctly declared in the shipping instruction and matches with the information filed in the shipping bill. If any discrepancy / error during sea departure manifest filing to this reason may result in de-manifestation from the sea departure manifest and associated cost / consequences on account of the booking party.
  • On filing of shipping bill with customs, a PCIN number will be generated which needs to be provided to shipping line, who will in turn link the same along with bill of lading information filed via sea departure manifest.
  • For consolidated cargo, CSN — cargo summary notification maybe generated to incorporate information of all PCIN included in a single master bill of lading.
  • Mode of declaration of PCIN / CSN to shipping line will have to be made through ODEX only.
  • COD (Change of destination) — will not be processed unless and until relevant changes are made to the shipping bill and required evidence regarding the same is submitted to the shipping line.

The high-level steps provided in Sea Departure Manifest process (SDM Process) is accessible here.

We thank you for your support. We will keep you informed of any further development.

Should you have any questions or require any assistance regarding this new regulation, please do not hesitate to contact your local Maersk representative.

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