This is to bring to your notice that we will soon be implementing a revised policy on how we, as Maersk, accept our customer’s shipments. The change will be relevant to a limited number of specific companies/entities who have not complied with financial terms and conditions agreed with us and as result of which Maersk chooses to discontinue doing business with.

Effective 30th November, any shipments received with such customers will be blocked from loading on the vessel until a revised Shipment party/entity details are received. In case we don’t receive the revised details timely, we will be arranging for return of the shipment to the point of origin.

To support you in this change, we will soon enable a new functionality on our website so that you are able to search for the status of companies/entities and whether they are acceptable to Maersk or not.

To help make this transition even smoother, beginning November 9th, we will notify you for any shipments where we have such companies/entities as part of your existing shipment with us. This will help and enable you to make adjustments/changes accordingly avoiding potential disruption to your business. We will continue to load such shipments until the 30th of November.

We completely understand that in few scenarios this change could mean a lot of adjustments at your end and we ensure that our customer experience teams will be assisting you throughout this change.

In case of more questions or knowing detail around above, feel free to contact your local customer experience teams or reach out to us via Maersk website.

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