Effective from 6th October 2020, Maersk would introduce service, ‘’Ocean Container Weighing – Destination’’ (charge code: CWD) for Non-FMC countries and Effective from 5th November 2020 for FMC countries.

In order to provide clear customer’s need to weigh import containers, our Container Weighing Service is ready to assist. We are aiming for providing more clarify on this service by differentiating it into ocean terminal or Inland CY

  • Container Weighing Destination (IWD): would continue to serve customers for inland CY locations
  • Ocean Container Weighing Destination (CWD): would serve customers inside ocean terminals

The scope of the Ocean Container Weighing Destination (CWD) is from the World to Latvia and Russia

  • Riga, LV
  • St Petersburg, RU
  • Ust Luga, RU
  • Kaliningrad, RU
  • Novorossiysk, RU
  • Azov, RU

For any questions, please feel free to contact your local customer service or sales representatives. You will find contact details of our local office on Maersk website.

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