For many years, our customers have been exploring options for reuse and exchange of their existing containers for their export bookings, simplifying the supply chain process. Containers reuse and exchange lowers transport costs and admin fee, reduces environmental impact and simplifies logistics processes. We’re delighted to continue supporting it.

Since 2016 we have partnered with MATCHBOX Exchange, working together to offer the best possible reuse and exchange solution for our customers in some of the Asia Pacific countries.

Effective immediately, Maersk A/S will direct all container reuse / exchange request to MATCHBOX Exchange who will handle end to end with our customers.

MATCHBOX Exchange provides an instant response for container reuse / exchange requests, 24/7. Two services are available:

  • Container Reuse (PHP 1,500 per use): best for customers with both import and export opportunities, allowing you to reuse an import container on an export booking.
  • Container exchange (PHP 750 per exchange): best for customers with either import or export opportunities, allowing you to offer an empty container to another customer, or accept an empty container from another customer (triangulation).

To learn more and to sign up please visit MATCHBOX Exchange.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your local Maersk A/S representative or contact MATCHBOX Exchange Customer Service team at

Maersk A/S CS Tel: +63 2 976 9590 (MNL) / +63 32 230 2303 (VIS) / +63 82 272 7303 (MIN)

Email: (Export) / (Import)

Thank you for the understanding and unwavering support.

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