Due to safety and operational challenges with dimension mismatches, a new out-of-gauge misdeclaration fee called MID (ASE in Greater China Area) of 500 USD per container is introduced, effective 1 July, 2020.

How is the fee applied?

The fee is applicable to all out-of-gauge shipments which at gate-in exceed the booked dimensions in any way, as well as in-gauge shipments gated in as out-of-gauge. Five days prior to departure date, our Special Cargo team will reach out to confirm the booked dimensions, as well as the End-Wall position in case the cargo is transported on a Flat-rack.

If we do not receive updated dimensions before gate-in but discover that the actual dimensions exceed the booked dimensions, you will be advised of the applicable rate. Please note that we are comparing dimensions between booked and actual dimensions, not the quoted dimensions. The tariff levels are as follows

MID (ASE for Greater China): USD 500 per 20’/40’/45’ (Open Top and Flat-rack)

Why are we introducing the fee?

Globally, we experience many shipments causing issues due to misdeclaration where it is neither safe nor operationally feasible to handle the shipment. To make sure all cargo can be planned and handled safely we need to know the correct dimensions in advance.

Furthermore, the fee is introduced to cover all additional administrative effort these misdeclarations cause, amongst others the re-quote, terminal checks for feasibility and costs, as well as documentation amendments.

What can you do to prevent paying the fee?

Since we know that every piece of cargo is special and might change size depending on packing and lashing, you can always reach out to our dedicated special cargo team (OOGdeclarations@maersk.com), as well as your sales or customer service representative, to update the dimensions between booking and gate-in – without any penalty.

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