Following earlier communication on the implementation of the new SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) requirement for the verification of container weights, we would like to provide you with further details pertaining to this requirement.

Importance of submitting VGM

VGM must be provided by or on behalf of shipper at the shipping instruction cut off available every Sunday on our website for the following week vessels. Cut off link (Click here)

Failing to submit VGM within cut off would result in shut out of shipments and all additional charges would be billed to shipper/booking agent.

Adherence to Accurate Booking weight

Our operation team finalizes the Vessel plan much earlier than arrival and for them to have the visibility on weight is only to consider booking weight. That said, to help simplify, and ensure safety compliant weight containers are nominated for Load, please ensure

  • That booking weight (Weight per container put at the time of making booking) is near to actual weight with 1-2 tons (~2000 Kg) variation and well within the payload capacity of container.
  • Ensure to submit the valid VGM during the Shipping Instruction submission

If the booking weight is above the payload capacity, containers will get excluded from the load list during Vessel planning.

Adherence to Safe Payload during Container stuffing

We would like to bring to your attention that the cargo weight permissible globally is the payload specified on the CSC (Container Safety Convention) plate that is located on the container door.

Basis the ‘zero tolerance’ on overweight units, request your co-operation to refrain from loading cargo in excess of capacity/payload (mentioned on the CSC plate) which could result in penalties as well as container being shutout at loading or transshipment ports and is a responsibility of shipper.

We will be implementing this screening with immediate effect.

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