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There is a list of requirements that need to be met to obtain loading acceptance to export charcoal with Maersk Line. Below please find a comprehensive outline of the requirements as well as any additional information pertinent to the matter.

Initial Acceptance

The local Maersk Line office will apply for acceptance to load either restaurant or barbeque charcoal from our principals on behalf of the charcoal producer.

Prohibited charcoal is

  • dangerous goods
  • wet charcoal
  • charcoal in bulk
  • instant grill
  • charcoal fines
  • small particle/fraction
  • charcoal scrap
  • contaminated charcoal
  • packaging more than 50kg
  • If cargo packed into box

The following documentation needs to be supplied in order to make the application,

  • Material Safety Data Sheet
    The MSDS must have the same entity (producer) indicated as the Self-Heating Certificate, Weathering certificate, Shippers declaration and Commercial invoice. The MSDS must indicate the use of the charcoal (only one use).
  • Self-Heating Certificate
    The Self-Heating certificate may not be older than six months and must be accompanied by an official accreditation letter of the laboratory.
  • Business Presentation
    The Business Presentation should indicate the type of charcoal produced as well as the intended use of said charcoal. This is submitted only once as part of the initial acceptance procedure.
  • Weathering Certificate
    This certificate is to be issued by the producer of the charcoal and below criteria are shall be met.
    • Dated, signed and stamped from shipper (real producer of the cargo)
    • Detailed information about weathering process
    • Minimum 14 days weathering before packing into bags
    • Container and booking number
  • Vanning Certificate
    The Vanning Certificate must be issued by an official and independent Marine Surveyor after a physical inspection of the vanning of the cargo, and must be dated, signed and stamped by same. The Shipper is reminded that any misdeclaration of information shall remain his responsibility. Following criteria must be checked and confirmed
    • Photos of cargo during stuffing container, incl. minimum one photo of the cargo without the outer packing
    • Weight of each bag
    • Container is packed in accordance with IMDG code and CTU packing guide
    • Packings are new, air tight, intact and suitable for the cargo
    • Temperature of cargo is not exceeding ambient temperature by more than 5°C
    • Packaging and interior atmosphere is clean and odourless, no presence of fumes or smoke
  • Shippers declaration + commercial invoice
    Stating real end user and use of the cargo at final destination and must mention booking no. Duly dated, signed and stamped on shipper’s letterhead

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local Maersk Line Customer Service Representative.
Tel: +63 2 976 9590 (MNL) / +63 32 230 2303 (VIS) / +63 82 272 7303 (MIN)
Email: (Export) / (Import)

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