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Progress 2019: Anti-corruption

20 February 2020
anti corruption

Corruption undermines social and economic development and adds to the cost of participating in global trade. For Maersk, non-compliance may lead to legal and reputational risks, and ultimately debarment for markets. We are committed to full compliance with regulatory demands, and we work towards elimination of facilitation payments on vessels while continuing to develop our compliance programme on corruption.


We aim to eliminate corruption in the maritime industry through both multi-stakeholder collaboration and initiatives in our own operations.


Comply with legislation on anti-corrupt practices, which ultimately translates to zero bribery and facilitation payments.

Progress 2019

Zero facilitation payments on our own vessels in 2019 and a 47% reduction of facilitation payments on chartered vessels since 2018. Compliance programme also focuses on third party due diligence and risk assesment on anti-corruption. Established a local business compliance ambassadors network.

Continued membership of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network. The whisteblower hotline was used twice to report
on public sector corruption cases. Both cases were minor and have been closed. One was substantiated, the other lacked documentation

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