We want to let you know that 6 digit HS code (Harmonized Code) will be mandatory information requested on submission of shipping instructions for imports to all ports in the Netherlands.

The effective date will be as of 15 FEB 2020.

We would like to receive your shipping Instructions with a complete WCO (World Customs Organization) HS6-digit code.
In case you missed to fill out the HS6-digit code. Don’t worry, we will ask you to update the shipping instructions, so that we can send you a draft BL.

When you are submitting your Shipping Instructions online at www.maersk.com please input the HS Code in the provided field as illustrated below:

HS Code Illustrated

When you have more than one commodity in a container, it would be great if you could mention these clearly in the cargo description. This will help us to spot them and send you a correct draft in one go!

In case you for example use EDI or Inttra, than also mention the HS6 Codes in the Cargo Description and we will do the rest.

In case you need help or like us to check the first submission, feel free to contact us!

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