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Drop-Off Penalty Fee– South Africa

12 April 2019

A Drop-off fee is applied based on your request to turn-in /drop off containers at an inland location. The fees applied is displayed below:

Value added Service and penalty service Code Per 20' Container Per 40' Container
Value added Service and penalty service
Per 20' Container
ZAR 1550
Per 40' Container
ZAR 5950

As per our published Tariff Booklet there is also a Drop-off Penalty charge applicable when a customer advised that they would return a container to a coastal location but instead the container is returned to an inland location.

As an example, a customer advises Durban turn-in but ends up returning the container in Johannesburg. In this instance the standard DRP is applicable along with the DRP Penalty charge and will be calculated as follows: EG: 20’ DRY = ZAR1550 (Standard DRP charge) + ZAR800 (DRP Penalty charge) Total: R2350.

Another example would be if customer advises Johannesburg turn-in but ends up returning the container in Durban. In this instance standard DRP will not be applicable however the DRP penalty charge will be applied. EG: 20’ DRY = ZAR800 (DRP Penalty Charge) = Total: R800.

Drop-Off Penalty Fee

All 20’ All 40’
All 20’
ZAR 800
All 40’
ZAR 1500

We ask that you please be guided and use this notification to explain to your end customers should you receive any queries in this regard.

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