We aspire to create an inclusive culture where employees from every background can contribute to their fullest. In doing this, we will be in a prime position to attract people from the widest talent pool, specifically increasing the gender and nationality diversity at our senior levels.

Supporting our business strategy

We believe that working to create a more diverse and inclusive organisation will benefit our business. Business success in a rapidly changing world depends on access to the best possible competencies, skills and ideas. A diverse and inclusive culture we believe will create an environment for new ideas and new thinking to flourish, and where everyone can reach their full potential. Finally, fulfilling our strategy for diversity and inclusion will allow us to hire from the widest talent pool, to run compliant businesses and not least to work in accordance with our values.

Focus on inclusion

A.P. Moller - Maersk is committed to a diversity strategy which will bring the concept of inclusion to the fore and drive an inclusive culture where all of our talent can thrive in a successful and values driven business. We work to mitigate unconscious biases in recruiting, in talent reviews and provide on-line resources for our employees to help guide their understanding of cultures and biases. In addition, we continue to drive more traditional diversity initiatives such as female leadership development.

Setting targets

We have set global targets for 2025 that help us monitor progress on representation of gender and nationality in management. These targets are not seen as end points, but as steps along the way, and we aim to create more micro targets for specific parts of the employee life cycle. These include gender recruitment targets, balanced with always hiring the best person for the job. We already have targets for maternity return rate (90%). Since 2016, we have offered a global minimum of 18 weeks’ maternity leave on full pay for all employees, and the option to work 20% less hours at full pay for up to six months within the first year of childbirth or adoption.

Our strategy's three pillars

  1. Inclusive leadership capabilities - securing understanding and mitigation of unconscious bias across leadership levels.
  2. Local and leader-led agendas - having regional and brand-owned diversity and inclusion strategies, and high-level actions. For example, the CEO of A.P. Moller - Maersk has committed to the European Roundtable pledge on Inclusion.
  3. Engaging our employees in the diversity and inclusion agenda.

We have signed up to the UN LGBTI Standards for Business as part of our existing commitment to human rights and established a website with guidance and tools for line management. We celebrate International People with Disabilities day, our first step in engaging employees globally on disability inclusion, and we have local and regional initiatives rolled out by employee network. Maersk is also part of the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index.

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