When the season’s in, are you stocked out?

Simplified customs services and inland logistics solutions that keep supply chains in motion and ensure you’re always open for business.

There’s always a better way

Imagine your cargo has arrived at the port. It clears customs and checks out on time. The cargo is then loaded on trucks that bring it to you – wherever you are in West Africa – again, on time. The season has just begun, and your shelves are stocked up.

Yes, your logistics can be that simple. No more running around for customs agents, shipments lying in detention, or waiting in queues for trucking. It can truly be a seamless segue from customs to inland transport.

An illustration showcasing seamless customs clearance and Maersk inland trucking of cargo.

What we offer

We realise that for supply chains to be effective, they need to flow smoothly. Our customs services and inland logistics solutions give you quick and efficient service, ridding you of the need to engage multiple partners. Our local teams, with their knowledge of the regulatory framework and physical landscape of the region, offer unmatched expertise for you to operate successfully in the area.

5 factors influencing logistics in Africa



A transparent and compliant supply chain will need to constantly guard against corrupt elements, comply with global stipulations surrounding environment, gender and labour practices, take stock of compliance risks, and monitor and certify processes and people.
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Trade agreements

Even as African economies pursue free trade — the African Continental Free Trade Area became operational in early 2021 — hindrances to harmonious trade remain. Non-tariff barriers such as red tape and difficulty in customs clearances slow down supply chains and increase overheads.

Physical infrastructure

For intra-continental trade to grow, the development and expansion of road and rail networks will be critical. Africa’s current infrastructure is grossly inadequate to meet its growth needs; and governments, policymakers and aid agencies will need to step up if supply chains are to criss-cross the continent.
Digital Solutions


Paperwork continues to dominate in Africa’s offices, especially for customs processes, delaying cargo movement, increasing overheads and encouraging corruption. A switch to digital technologies can mitigate these practices.
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End-to-end visibility

As disruptions to supply chains become more frequent, digital ecosystems that guarantee end-to-end visibility have emerged as a means to tide over logistical uncertainties. Adoption of these technologies will be critical to smoother supply chain operations.

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Why Maersk

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Single-partner advantage
Our offerings across ocean, customs, and inland logistics ensure that you only need a single partner across your supply chain requirements.
Smarter operations
Efficient Customs Service
Our in-house customs experts are fully aware of regulatory requirements and provide fast and reliable service in clearing cargo.
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Extensive network
Our trucks link your cargo to over 400 cities and towns across West Africa, helping you connect to destinations and markets thought inaccessible.
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Visibility tools
Our digital solutions — the CHB App Lite and the Track-It feature — let you track cargo in customs and on land, giving you both visibility and control.
Reliable customer support pictogram
Reliable customer support
Our customer experience agents are available on Live Chat and MyPhone services to provide you with information on your cargo and to resolve any issues that may arise.

We build solutions to suit your needs

Greater compliance

Our expert customs personnel are committed to complete transparency. Dedicated teams monitor your customs activity and the latest changes in legislation to ensure full compliance and minimise risks of delay.

An illustration of Maersk customs personnel in Africa.

Optimised supply chains

Any delays to your cargo movement can be frustrating and result in cost overruns. That’s why we prepare tailor-made solutions for customs and inland logistics to ensure your supply chain runs smoothly, minimising downtime and reducing costs.

An illustration of Maersk cargo trucks and customer service agents.

Single point of contact

Your supply chain needs to function like a well-oiled machine, with parts constantly in motion. Our customer service agents are by your side throughout the journey, so any unforeseeable development is dealt with in real time.

An illustration of Maersk cargo trucks and customer service agents.

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If you think we're the right fit for you, get in touch with our sales representative.

Our success stories in Africa

Our customer, Engee Pet Manufacturing Company Nigeria, a manufacturer of high-quality PET resin in Nigeria, imports raw materials from China. After encountering repeated delays and cost escalations in their logistics, they turned to us. How did Maersk’s solutions turn this around for them?

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