Shipping to and from Kenya

Your complete guide to shipping to and from Kenya. Find the right route, get Maersk office locations, discover local solutions, payment options and more.

Local solutions

To scale up your global trade, you need to leverage local solutions. Get to know our customised solutions that will make your supply chain simple, speedy and seamless in Kenya. What’s more, to discover our consolidated end-to-end supply chain offerings, visit our global solutions section.

Global solutions

You can also visit our global solutions section to see our full range of integrated logistics solutions that can enable and strengthen your business supply chain from end to end.

Cold-chain logistics for your flowers

Our advanced cold-chain solutions on ocean offer your flowers a journey of freshness to Europe and an excellent vase life. This opens up a big market for your blooms. Also, your supply chain is much eco-friendlier, and the end-to-end logistics guarantees minimal handovers and maximum convenience.

A smiling woman holding cut flowers that are ready to be exported from their farm in Kenya.

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