Reimagine Home Improvement and Furniture logistics

With flexible, simplified, and connected retail logistics solutions from Maersk.

Trends or seasons, you’re sorted

At Maersk, we understand that trends and seasonality play a major role in your retail sector. The demand for raw materials or finished goods can fluctuate immensely without a warning. This calls for a supply chain partner who understands innovation and seasonality as much as you do.

Our flexible suite of retail solutions helps you do that. While our advanced supply chain management tools will support you with demand forecasting and true end-to-end visibility, our intermodal and warehousing services will allow you to quickly adapt to unexpected changes in the retail world across your product portfolio.

Home appliances

The components of appliances must come together for your customers when they need them. We make that possible with end-to-end visibility of your supply chain. From upstream to downstream.

Home decor
Home décor

The demand for home décor products depends on trends and seasonality. We help you keep up with that by letting you speed up or slow down your supply chain. To deliver the right product at the right time.

Home Furniture

Seasonality determines furniture demand too. With Maersk’s simplified and flexible retail logistics solutions, we’ll help you fulfil those demands on time.

Home building material tools
Building materials and tools

These products need to be available to your customers at all times. Our flexible warehousing solutions ensure that for you by helping you maintain optimum stock capacity.

Our solutions have helped Home Improvement businesses keep up with the retail world.

Flexible supply chain management can connect and simplify your retail logistics

What started with a conversation about an original bill of lading inquiry turned into a strategic partnership with a leading furniture and bedding company in the US. Improved vendor management, precise booking data, Vessel Level Clearance (VLC) implementation and duty deduction savings – integrated retail solutions to become more cost-efficient.

Flexible supply chain management can connect and simplify your retail logistics

The optimal supply chain configurations can increase your cost efficiency and product availability

Our flexible end-to-end supply chain solutions helped our customer - a leading e-commerce retailer of furniture and home-goods in the US - increase cost efficiency and product availability. By integrating physical and digital supply chains.

optimal supply chain configurations

Integrated supply chain solutions can optimise logistics and increase savings

Given the trade difficulties looming over the retail industry today, it becomes more important to find new ways to improve bottom-line numbers and better align supply chain processes. Discover how a high-end furnishing and kitchenware retailer saved more than USD 2.5 million with our flexible supply chain solutions.

Integrated supply chain solutions

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