Grow with integrated logistics

Discover the benefits of end-to-end supply chains in Latin America.

Supply chain integration in Latin America

Integrated logistics can deliver numerous benefits to supply chains in Latin America, especially in times of uncertainty and rapid market changes.

In a region like Latin America, where transportation infrastructure and logistics networks can be complex and challenging, integrated logistics can help businesses navigate these difficulties and achieve greater success.

The ‘Grow with integrated logistics’ interview series is an educational initiative that will help you gain insights into the various aspects of supply chain integration in Latin America. Each episode features our logistics experts across modalities. With their know how, you can make informed supply chain decisions and drive your business' growth in the region.

Listen to our series of conversations with supply chain experts for more.

How can you untangle your supply chain? 

Latin America's supply chains can be incredibly complex. While integrated solutions are being spoken of as the answer, how does it simplify your logistics? Watch Ricardo Rocha break it down in this first episode of the 'Grow with integrated logistics' series.

How can you optimise your multi-modal journey?

A network of robust supply chains is vital to make the most of the opportunities in the booming global market. In the second episode of the 'Grow With Integrated Logistics' interview series, Tatiana Herron, Fabio Acerbi and Ricardo de Carvalho explain how multi-modal logistics solutions can unlock business growth.

How can you drive efficiency with LCL?

On-time delivery of low-volume cargo is proving to be of utmost importance in an ever-changing global market. Ricardo Carui and Sharmayne Waugh discuss the many facets of our Less-than-Container Load (LCL) service.

How can you build a resilient cold chain? 

A resilient cold chain is essential to make the most of the booming export market in Latin America. In this episode of the ‘Grow with Integrated Logistics’ interview series, our reefer experts Michael McBride and Maria Cristina Andrade explore the role of remote technology in terms of continuous monitoring of cold chain shipments.

How can you keep your logistics streamlined and sustainable?

A logistics partner that shares and supports your long-term vision can take you closer to your sustainability goals. In this episode of the ‘Grow with integrated logistics’ interview series, our decarbonization expert Alexis Rodriguez explains, how the right tools and strategies can help mitigate the carbon footprint of your logistics network from end to end.

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