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Connecting the dots of your FMCG supply chain

Delivering with speed is the biggest priority for businesses in the FMCG industry. Adapting to the constantly shifting landscape and changing consumer tastes takes a supply chain that can take proactive actions against challenges. Discover how Lead Logistics Solutions can help your FMCG supply chain become more resilient and agile.

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Last-mile sustainability comes first

While products move to a single destination during first or middle-mile delivery, in the last mile, thousands of products must reach a thousand different destinations. It is no surprise then that this portion of the supply chain contributes significantly to both costs and carbon emissions. To make a real dent in tackling sustainability goals, it’s crucial for FMCG companies to decarbonise the last mile.

In this article, we discuss tangible ways to make the last-mile more sustainable in FMCG logistics.

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Discover 9 strategies to make your FMCG logistics sustainable

If you're running  an FMCG business, chances that sustainability is one of your main priorities.

But, growing consumer demands, changing government regulations and wastage cause by supply chains stand in your way to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. What is the solution?

Download our e-book to learn about 9 ways to reduce your carbon footprint in FMCG logistics.

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Overcoming the 5 complexities of alcoholic beverage logistics

When it comes to transportation of alcoholic beverages, the stakes are high, and the challenges are unique. Imagine the delicate effervescence of sparkling wine, and the fear of its quality being compromised during transportation. Are you equipped to safeguard the delicate flavours and navigate the complex regulations governing this industry?

Discover the five unique hurdles in alcoholic beverage logistics and uncover the key to gaining a competitive edge.

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Uncork the mysteries of the wine supply chain

Have you ever wondered about the intricate logistics behind transporting that exquisite bottle of wine to your table? How do logistics solutions ensure the preservation of flavours, navigate customs borders, and overcome unique challenges at every stage?

Read the article to know the secrets of Maersk’s comprehensive services and innovative solutions that make us the go-to destination for flawless end-to-end wine logistics.

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Let your Inland logistics go green

Despite vehicles becoming more energy efficient, carbon emissions from road freight is still on the rise. To counteract, governments are putting many regulations in place. In this situation, FMCG companies need to reduce their emissions quickly. But they can only do this by working with the transport sector to make supply chains more sustainable.

Read the article to learn how Maersk can help you decarbonise your inland logistics.

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Deliver seamless FMCG and retail supply chains with real-time visibility

As the market fluctuates, companies with temperature-sensitive cargo need to be more prepared and more resilient; any break in the cold chain could result in spoiled cargo and loss of profits. 

Due to the fragmented nature of FMCG supply chains, it's critical to use data for visibility, to manage risks, produce accurate forecasts, improve collaboration with supply chain partners and make adjustments in response to changing conditions.

Learn how to get real-time visibility and bridge the gap between FMCG and retail supply chains.

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Wondering what FMCG logistics trends are going to be like in 2023?

The most important benefit of gaining end-to-end data visibility is the ability to plan ahead based on market demand. This helps FMCG businesses to manage inventory efficiently, resulting in fewer errors and subsequent supply chain disruptions.

Our industry research and analysis, coupled with first-hand insights from Maersk’s leading FMCG experts panel has helped us to arrive at five key predictions for the year ahead.

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End-to-end visibility solutions for your FMCG supply chain

An agile supply chain is essential in a world of changing customer preferences, increasing disruptions, shorter shelf lives and wider global distribution networks.

As an FMCG customer using our end-to-end visibility solutions, your company will benefit from Maersk's intimate knowledge, high responsiveness of key account teams and innovative, technology-driven solutions.

Learn how to reduce the risk of delays and maintain optimal inventory flow.

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