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6 ways to optimise your processed food supply chain with Lead Logistics

Delivering with speed is the biggest priority for businesses in the FMCG industry. Adapting to the constantly shifting landscape and changing consumer tastes takes a supply chain that can take proactive actions against challenges. Discover how Lead Logistics Solutions can help your FMCG supply chain become more resilient and agile.

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Deliver seamless FMCG and retail supply chains with real-time visibility

As the market fluctuates, companies with temperature-sensitive cargo need to be more prepared and more resilient; any break in the cold chain could result in spoiled cargo and loss of profits. Due to the fragmented nature of FMCG supply chains, it's critical to use data for visibility, to manage risks, produce accurate forecasts, improve collaboration with supply chain partners and make adjustments in response to changing conditions.

Learn how to get real-time visibility and bridge the gap between FMCG and retail supply chains.

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End-to-end visibility solutions for your FMCG supply chain

An agile supply chain is essential in a world of changing customer preferences, increasing disruptions, shorter shelf lives and wider global distribution networks. As an FMCG customer using our end-to-end visibility solutions, your company will benefit from Maersk's intimate knowledge, high responsiveness of key account teams and innovative, technology-driven solutions.

Learn how to reduce the risk of delays and maintain optimal inventory flow.

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Handle FMCG disruptions with a trustworthy supply chain

The world appears to be moving from one black swan event to another. This relentless disruption has forced FMCG businesses in Europe to deal with multiple threats to their supply chains ranging from container shortages and increasing costs of transportation to overloaded ports.


Streamlining supply chain complexities for evolving brews􀂍􀃺􀂽􀃞􀃖

Changing consumer preferences have urged beer companies to diversify their sales channels, as classic lagers and pilsners must share space with new-age craft beers, microbrews and non-alcoholic beer. As a result, complex supply chains require a logistics partner who can provide solutions enabled by end-to-end visibility, connected data, seamless processes, and integrated supply chains that ensure kegs, bottles and cans get to where they are most needed – in the hands of the consumer.

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Optimise your FMCG supply chain with integrated solutions from Maersk

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Meet our FMCG experts in Europe

Bradley Semple, Vertical Sales Manager FMCG
Bradley Semple
Vertical Sales Manager FMCG
Stig Kirkegaard, Area Head of Key Customers
Stig Kirkegaard
Area Head of Key Customers
Photo of Andre Jobman, Head of FMCG & Reefer Vertical
Andre Jobmann
Head of FMCG & Reefer Vertical
Michael Moerman, Head of BD FMCG
Michael Moerman
Head of BD FMCG
Serkan Celik, Senior Sales Manager FMCG
Serkan Celik
Senior Sales Manager FMCG
Elena Gavotti , Sales Manager Reefer, FMCG and Special Cargo
Elena Gavotti
Sales Manager Reefer,
FMCG and Special Cargo

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