Maersk Management Consulting

As the in-house management consultancy of Maersk, our mission is to generate substantial and lasting value for Maersk, and to attract and develop exceptional people.

Our services

Strategic growth MMC
Strategy, growth & turnaround
We engage in strategy at all levels of the business, particularly within business development, growth and turnaround. We also focus on identification of operational inefficiencies and process improvement.
Commercial operation MMC
Commercial and operational excellence
We cover all areas of commercial processes optimization, including sales strategy, pricing optimization and analysis of products & customer portfolios.
Organisational review MMC
Organisation review and restructuring

We are highly involved in redesigning Maersk business units globally, tailoring them to best meet the needs of our customers.

Change management MMC
Change management and transformation
We work actively with implementing strategies and organisational changes through involvement in large-scale change and transformation projects, such as change management and strategy implementation.

Project portfolio

Digital Platforms

Global Shipping & Logistics is an industry under disruption, where you see many innovative startups emerging such as Flexport and Freightos but also new competition from Big Techs such as Amazon venturing into logistics. Facing these disruptive forces, Maersk Management Consulting was engaged to determine how Maersk could best set up its organizational operating model between business and technology, in order to enhance speed and customer centricity.
MMC project portfolio: Two employees leveraging digital platforms to enhance customer experience.

Asia-Pacific M&A Strategy

In Maersk’s journey towards being an integrated logistics company, building the right capabilities is key. To support its strategy plans in Asia-Pacific, Maersk has goals to grow both organically and inorganically. MMC was engaged to design data-driven M&A strategy, to identify the most appropriate targets to fulfil Maersk’s ambitions.

MMC M&A strategy: A Maersk truck carrying cargo in the Asia-Pacific region.

Logistics & Services Strategic Roadmap

A key strategic tenet for Maersk is to create scalable, sustainable growth, in a way that best addresses our customer needs. When tasked with the ambitious project to design the long-term roadmap of the Logistics & Services (L&S) organization, a team of MMCers played a critical role in designing the strategy.
Logistics and Services - A Maersk warehouse containing cargo.

North America Strategy

Maersk’s vision to become the global integrator of container logistics calls for significant growth within the Logistics and Services (L&S) space. MMC was engaged by our North American organization to create a detailed strategy roadmap for how we can achieve the company’s ambitioned targets within L&S for the North American Region.
Maersk Management Consulting M&A Strategy - An aerial view of a North American city.

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