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As the in-house management consultancy of Maersk, our mission is to generate substantial and lasting value for Maersk, and to attract and develop exceptional people.

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Apply to become part of a team of bright colleagues working in an international environment from our offices in Copenhagen, New Jersey and Singapore. We offer opportunities for students, recent graduates and experienced professionals who want to gain top-tier consulting experience in a collaborative and hypothesis-driven environment, while building a strong platform for a future career in Maersk. On this page, you will be guided though the steps of our recruitment process – from submitting your application to your first day in the office.

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Career opportunities

From submitting your application to your first day in MMC

When you apply for a position in MMC, get ready for an enthusiastic reception! We're eagerly rooting for you to be the next brilliant addition to our team, joining us on our mission to generate substantial and lasting value for Maersk.

At MMC, you'll find a group of empathetic and talented individuals who understand the importance of making the right choices when it comes to new team members. We recognize that work is a significant part of our lives, and we know it's a major decision for you as well. Joining us means diving into a world of fascinating and cutting-edge projects, with a team of colleagues who are genuinely excited to meet you.

While the consultancy environment may be different from what you're accustomed to, we want to provide you with a clear understanding of the tasks, projects, and the incredible people you'll collaborate with. In fact, you'll have the opportunity to connect with some of your future colleagues during the case interviews.

We're just as eager to meet you as you are to meet us, so we encourage you to bring your authentic self to the interviews. This process is an exciting journey for both sides, and all our MMC offices are thrilled to welcome you aboard!


After submitting your application, it will be screened by our recruitment team on a bi-weekly basis. We know how excited you are to hear from us, so we will do our best to minimize the time from when you have applied to when you first hear from us.

Preparing for your interviews

In MMC, we believe that interviews are a two-way process. While it helps us learn more about you, it also helps you learn more about MMC and the people who work here.

The interview process at MMC consists of a combination of case- and personal experience interviews (‘meet interview’). Whether you are familiar with case interviews or not, we highly recommend you to practice to get comfortable with the format. And don’t worry - you do not have to be a shipping expert to perform well in the cases. Before your first-round case interviews, you will receive an email with relevant resources to help you begin your preparations – but remember that there are endless resources available online as well. With the proper preparation, you will be just fine – and in case you are not familiar with the case interview format, check-out this article we have created.

All of our case interviews simulate the real-life problems we try to solve daily. The purpose of these interviews is for you to get a better understanding of the tasks you will work on in MMC and for us to assess whether you have the qualifications required to succeed in the role.

Interested in learning more about the different interview formats? Click the drop-down menus below.

Employee who is preparing for interview

Overview of interview rounds

Debrief session

Our people are what makes MMC a special place to work. Therefore, the hiring decision is a big decision that we do not take lightly. We want to welcome new colleagues to the team who want to contribute to our team and culture.

When you have completed both interview rounds, all of our interviewers submit their feedback prior to our debrief session. To ensure a fair process for all applicants and to help us mitigate bias, the feedback is submitted via a survey before the session. Once the feedback is submitted, we discuss the interviewees performance in plenum. To alleviate the risk of groupthink, the team of interviewers appoint one person in the session to act as the devil’s advocate, challenging the perceptions of our interviewers during the debrief session and make sure that our observations are well-founded.

We know how excited you are to hear back from us, so as soon as we have come to an agreement, we look forward to giving you a call to tell you about the decision. As a rule of thumb, we do our best to call you back later that same day or the next coming business day.

Debrief session

Preparing for your first day in MMC

Congratulations on your new position in MMC! We really can’t wait to meet you and look forward to welcoming you to the office!

We know you may have questions before your first day, especially if you are joining our team from overseas, so we will make sure to stay in touch along the way. A few weeks before you start, you will receive an overview of what you can expect your first day to look like. Because we are an internal management consulting team, you will receive two employee handbooks; one that provides you with an introduction to our global onboarding journey in Maersk and a separate one to introduce you to ins and outs of working in MMC, including the cool tools that we use and what makes MMC a special team to join.

On your first day, you will be introduced to your line manager and meet your onboarding buddy. Your buddy will make sure that you get a smooth onboarding and introduce you to the world of MMC.

Maersk employees discussing about project

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