Maersk Management Consulting

As the in-house management consultancy of Maersk, our mission is to generate substantial and lasting value for Maersk, and to attract and develop exceptional people.

Discover career opportunities at MMC

Apply to become part of a team of bright colleagues working in an international environment based out of offices in Denmark and Singapore.

We offer opportunities for both students, recent graduates and experienced professionals who want to gain top-tier consulting experience in a collaborative and hypothesis-driven environment while building a strong platform for a future career at Maersk.

Interviewing at Maersk Management Consulting

Application process at MMC
1. Application

After submitting your application, you will soon hear back from one of our employees. We accept applications for full-time positions year-around.

Virtual interview at MMC
2. Virtual interview

If your application is successful, you will be invited for a virtual interview. Beyond assessing your case interview performance, we are eager to get to know you a lot better and understand how you believe that you will be able to contribute to our culture in MMC.

Interview day at MMC
3. Interview day

We will continue to assess your case performance in three additional interviews as well as provide you with the opportunity to meet multiple of our team members, who are all eager to get a better understanding of who you are as a person, what motivates you and how you work best in a team setting.

Preparing for your interviews

We view interviews at MMC as a two-way process — while it helps us learn more about you as a person, it is also designed to help you learn more about Maersk Management Consulting and the people that work here.

The interview process at MMC consists of a combination of case- and personal experience interviews (‘meet interview’). Our different interview formats are designed to stimulate a discussion and to get to know you better. We encourage you to spend time preparing for your interviews so you are comfortable with the format and can demonstrate your best self.

Below are some further details on each interview format as well as a few tips for your preparation.

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