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Supply chain technology: Driving a paradigm shift

Building unity and visibility

Hear Vincent Clerc, CEO of A.P. Møller - Mærsk, and Navneet Kapoor, CTIO, discuss how we’re using technology to merge physical and digital spheres to give businesses visibility across their supply chain.

We enable end-to-end visibility and the ability to plan, control and increase supply chain resilience and predictability through technology platforms and data.

Navneet Kapoor
CTIO of A.P. Moller - Maersk

Connecting global supply chains for an integrated world

Supply chain technology is radically transforming the global flow of goods—connecting and simplifying supply chains for the world’s largest companies and entrepreneurs alike.

This new era of logistics will digitally connect a fragmented industry and physical assets to create industry-leading customer experiences across end-to-end supply chains.
A.P. Moller - Maersk’s vision is to be the Global Integrator

Our approach to supply chain technology

Delight customers with intuitive digital experiences

Global logistics are extremely complex, but that doesn’t stop us from creating cutting-edge platforms that address our customers’ most complex challenges. We provide unprecedented levels of visibility and control across ocean, air and land services through a seamless, end-to-end digital experience.

Bring the networked supply chain to life

Supply chains rely on physical assets and infrastructure. By bringing those assets online and standardising platforms and processes, we can connect global supply chains and make them more reliable, effective and intuitive to work with.

Build an inclusive and sustainable future

We’re leading the transformation of our industry. That’s why we’re building a disruptive in-house technology team and close collaborations with visionary innovators, so we can all work towards an inclusive, digital and sustainable future.

Customer experience is the linchpin of our technology strategy

Our customers should be able to focus on their customers, not supply chain disruptions.

To ensure that’s possible, we’ve established a digital-native workforce and an agile platform operating model that makes new functionalities available to our customers faster.

We use automation and IoT enablement to deliver unprecedented visibility, predictability and control for our customers.

Maersk customer using mobile

Automation, IoT and AR

We automate large-scale physical infrastructure with a combination of technologies like PLC Programming to optimise workflows for speed and consistency
real time data
Intelligent assets broadcast data for better vessel operations, visibility of cargo, predictive maintenance and quality assurance across the supply chain
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Augmented Reality
AR allows Maersk teams to virtually tour vessels and warehouses, so they can train across different steps of the supply chain efficiently

Data, analytics and machine learning

Collaboration with Maersk experts
Digital Twins
Digital Twins of physical assets allow Maersk teams to make data-driven decisions based on simulations of different scenarios and their predicted outcomes
Optimising global supply chains is reliant on applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to vessel routing, network design and resource utilisation
End to end integation
Business Intelligence
Large scale analytical forecasting provides millions of predictions to deliver cargo on time and ensure high-capacity utilisation of vessels, containers and more

Hyper-scaling infrastructure

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Public and Private Cloud
Our cloud-first approach powers leading customer experiences, the ability to integrate siloed solutions and the agility to release new functionalities quickly
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Edge computing
Improving response time and bandwidth, edge computing enables the execution of business logic close to data sources in warehouses, terminals and vessels

Digital Solutions

We all buy goods, track deliveries and pay online. Shipping with Maersk is no different. Our tailored online services take the complexity out of shipping by letting you instantly book, manage and track shipments, submit Verified Gross Mass information and much more.

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Maersk Growth invests in startups and partners with visionary innovators who unlock growth in global supply chains. By supporting and partnering with them, we fast-track the adoption of supply chain technology, address logistics inefficiencies and create a more sustainable future for logistics. Explore how Maersk Growth supercharges startups.
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