Intercontinental Rail

As a dedicated service or as part of a multi modal solution, rail offers faster time-to-market than ocean at substantially lower cost than air freight.

Product overview

Wherever your cargo is heading, you can rely on our tailored rail solutions and our connections with major rail operators to make sure your goods arrive on time, in time, every time. Our team of experts handles all aspects of the documentation ensuring flawless execution both ends and monitoring the shipments via GPS tracker enroute.

The intercontinental rail portfolio consists of 3 main products being Block Train, Single Container FCL and LCL between China and Europe, and CIS both directions.

Block Train

The block train product (full train dedicated to one customer) is a tailor-made solution, reviewing the optimal and preferred routes from China to Europe and vice versa. The min. requirement is 41 containers and max. 50 containers per train.

Your key benefits are:

  • Reliability and flexibility
  • Fixed transit time
  • Takes customers’ preferred route
  • Containerization

    Single rail container FCL

    The single rail container movement door to door products. Depending on origin, we have several weekly departures and options available from China to Europe and vice versa.

    Your key benefits are:

  • Several weekly departures
  • Door-to-door solution
  • Cross-border trucking from South East Asia to Europe available
  • Single Container

    Rail LCL

    The rail LCL product from China to Europe including door-to-door solutions using Poland as hub for final leg distribution to EU countries.

    Your key benefits:

  • EXW & FOB services
  • Door delivery to majority of EU countries


  • Containers

    Long story short, half the time, all the way

    Move your cargo from Japan/Korea to North Europe in just half the time.

    It's simple and easy to use Maersk intercontinental rail products

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    Key benefits of intercontinental rail solutions

    Addressing the challenges of online shopping, changing buying behaviors and shorter product lifestyle, Intercontinental Rail offers a competitive end-to-end solution combining reliability, sustainability and speed to market.

    Easy pricing
    Cost of bringing goods to market

    The significant lower costs than airfreight combined with faster lead times reduce the working capital, save interest and reduce the inventories.

    Timeliness and reliability

    Rail has excellent reliability arriving in-time, on time and no rolling policy.

    The need for speed and time to market

    Service takes 16-18 days from China's major rail gateways to Europe reducing the transit time by 10-15 days with multiple departures a week.

    Sustainable and ecofriendly solution

    Railway environment friendly transport mode reducing the Co2 emission significant versus airfreight.

    Peace of mind
    Change in end-customer buying behavior

    Complimentary to Ocean product including usage of Maersk containers given full flexibility to the customers and connecting with our strong intermodal network.

    Case studies and logistic examples

    Commodity restrictions on rail transportation


    Prohibited items

    Liquid milk

    To be checked items

    Chemical and DG Cargo
    Make up

    It's simple and easy to use Maersk intercontinental rail products

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    Get your rail quotations, bookings, complete door to door via single point of entry.