Decarbonising port terminals

Maersk’s network of port terminals connects our ocean and landside activities, making it a core focus area in our end-to-end decarbonisation strategy. With ambitious targets, we aim to lead the race to net zero in the port terminal industry.

Why net zero port terminals matter

Our network of owned and operated terminals provides vital links between our land and ocean operations. Port terminals are also a focal point for local businesses, bringing economic and development benefits to the communities we serve.

But port terminals are also a significant contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, mainly from the generation of purchased electricity. Our near-term focus is to double down on switching to renewable electricity from onsite and offsite solutions.

Our ambition

We will deliver an emergency response to the climate crisis and take leadership in the transformation of the transport and logistics sector to net zero operations.

Climate change

Our targets

Absolute reduction of scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030 (2020 baseline) 
Net zero across our business and 100% green solutions to customers by 2040

Highlights in 2022

Transitioning to renewable power
We switched 8 terminals in Europe and Port Elisabeth, USA, to full operation on renewable electricity.
Hybrid power solutions
Hybridisation of 2 rubber-tired gantry cranes at Gateway Terminals India contributed to >50% fuel and emission savings.
Solar power for terminals
A 1 MW rooftop solar plant was commissioned for our terminal in Pipipav, India.

Priorities and actions

Decarbonisation is embedded in the core strategy for our terminal business, and we have an ambitious plan to decarbonise based on both ongoing and new activities. Solutions have been identified to reduce or eliminate a substantial share of our controlled emissions from terminals through the application of available and proven technologies.
Common development and innovations implementation

Optimising energy consumption

We continue to optimise our terminals’ energy use to reduce our fuel and electricity consumption. We are working to improve electricity sourcing and to convert, where possible, to renewable energy supplies.

Transitioning to green energy sources

Our Low Carbon Logistics programme is rolling out across our terminals to reduce emissions at source. It replaces fossil based energy with renewable electricity and fuels made from recycled waste. We are also investing in solar energy at terminals where we cannot buy renewable electricity.

Eco delivery

Commercialising our decarbonisation solutions

Decarbonisation has the potential to be commercialised as a premium product to our most ambitious customers. We are investigating options to include our work towards net zero in bids for new ports.

Sustainability Report 2022

Explore our progress on environmental, social and governance dimensions in our latest Sustainability Report.
Maersk sustainability report

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