Rate lookup

The simple, fast and convenient way to check a price online – instantly. Simply log in and enter a route and date. If you have a contract with special rates, you will see your contract rate. Otherwise, you will see our standard market or tariff rate.

How to lookup rates

  1. Click Quote on the top menu and select Find a price in the drop down menu.
  2. Select the Ocean prices tile and click on the Find instant prices button.
  3. Select the estimated shipping date and submit the request form by clicking Look up to receive instant rates.
    • On the result page, you will find your contract or indicative prices broken down in Freight, Origin and Destination charges.
    • Retrieved rates, unless already contracted, is indicative only on the requested date. Please proceed to booking or request a quote in order to contract the prices for booking.
  4. Click Book now to proceed to the booking with pre-populated information and add the prices in your service contract.
  5. Click Request quote in order to get PDF output and add the prices in your service contract for booking later.

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