Shipping terms


Accessorial (AC)

Accessorial Service - Service rendered by a carrier in addition to transportation services. (e.g. sorting, packing, precooling, heating and storage.)

Activity Based Costing (ABS)

An accounting system that measures the cost and performance of specific activities performed within an organisation. For example, an ABC approach might measure the cost incurred by the accounts receivable department in handling calls for billing errors, whereas the traditional accounting approach ignores the activity and measures the cost of the accounts receivable department as a percentage of revenue.

All Inclusive (AI)

All Inclusive

Any Quantity (AQ)

A rating that applies to an item regardless of weight.

Artificial Tween Decks (ATD)

Artificial Tween Decks Forty feet long, eight feet wide, one foot thick steel platform with hardwood flooring. Equipped with ten bullrings for securing oversized, heavy lift or wheeled cargo.

Assignment (AS)

1. The transfer to another of one's own legal interests or rights. 2. Especially the transfer of property to be held in trust or to be used for the benefit of creditors. 3. The document by which such an interest or right is transferred