What are the mandatory requirements in making online SmartPay payments via my finance?

What are the mandatory requirements for making online SmartPay payments via MyFinance?

The following are required:

  • A bank account maintained with Maersk (either choose an existing one or request for creation of a new one)
  • Ensuring the invoice selected is in a currency allowed for SmartPay usage (US, CA is USD currency, NZ is NZD currency, AU is AUD currency, UAE is AED currency, AT, BE, DE, IE, IT, NL, PT, ES, UK, FR is EUR currency, and UK also GPB currency is allowed)
  • For European SmartPay usage, a mandate needs to be created online at the time of the first payment
  • For UK Smart Pay usage in GBP currency, a Direct Debit instruction needs to be uploaded before the first payment
  • For UAE, India, Malaysia, Singapore SmartPay usage, Direct Debit Authority mandate needs to be signed and hard copy to be submitted to Maersk office before the first payment

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