The Maersk Go platform and product offering is specifically tailored for small and medium businesses looking for simple and reliable global transportation solutions. On the other hand, the traditional Maersk platform is better suited to larger companies, commodity traders, freight forwarders and other experienced logistics professionals.

If you are using Maersk Go and think it is not the right fit for your company, you can choose to permanently leave Maersk Go and instead use the traditional Maersk platform.

What happens if I decide to leave Maersk Go?

  • Access changes: All users from your company will lose access to Maersk Go. Your current login credentials will remain the same, but your booking experience will transition to the traditional Maersk platform suited for larger enterprises, commodity traders, and freight forwarders.
  • Partner collaboration: You won't be able to ask your business partners to confirm booking details like cargo weight or the preferred pick-up date for the cargo. This collaborative feature is exclusive to Maersk Go customers.
  • Confirming your partner’s bookings: If your shipping partners initiate bookings that need your input, you will still be able to assist them, even if you don’t use Maersk Go. You will be notified about these tasks on your email inbox and inside the notification center.
  • Unconfirmed bookings: Unconfirmed bookings won't be displayed on shipment lists until they are confirmed. After confirmation, they will appear as normal shipments on your Maersk Hub.
  • Locked rates: Rates that your company locked in Maersk Go will no longer be accessible. If you have a Maersk contract in place, nothing will change, and you can continue using it as before.
  • Support contact information: Your contact number and email address for support will change. You can reach out to support using the Import and Export details available at

Can I still use Maersk if I leave Maersk Go?

Yes, your company will continue using Maersk with the same login credentials as before. After your first login, you will be directed to the traditional platform designed for larger companies, commodity traders, and freight forwarders.

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