New allocation portal has following features:

All and individual route/trade level aggregated view

  • Weekly allocation
  • Weekly consumption and availability
  • Performance matrix on steered service allocation
  • Cancelled shipment visibility (only for new Maersk partner products)
  • Allocations expiring in next 2 months
  • Easy search & filter functionality
  • Download allocation data along with shipment numbers in spreadsheet

To access the allocation information on the portal, you will need to enable the ‘Allocation Manager’ role on Maersk website

New allocation portal

New allocation portal provides complete visibility of space availability for your cargo and the volume consumed by your current bookings.

All routes aggregated view

Get aggregated visibility of all contracted routes on weekly basis and tooltip gives you more details about weekly performance.

Summary of route level allocation

Table includes all contract routes with allocated vs available space for next week vessel schedule. Click on the individual route to expand route level allocation visibility and get more details on individual allocation IDs linked to the route.

Cancelled shipment visibility

New Maersk partner products can also get visibility on their cancelled shipments either by Maersk or customer. Click on ‘View cancelled shipments’ to get more details and insight on cancelled shipments.

Easy search functionality

It’s easier to search allocation using Service contract number, Allocation ID or Shipment number.

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