What are the future sustainable fuels that could be used tomorrow?

Biofuel is one of our four priority future green fuels for climate-friendly emissions shipping, the others are:

Biodiesel: Biodiesel fuel can be used as a drop-in fuel, or a fuel that can be blended with existing petrol run infrastructure in vessels. However, its availability is limited due to scarcity of biomass feedstock and overwhelming demand by competing companies.

Methanol: Available as Bio Methanol or E-Methanol this green fuel is a safe, cost-effective, and globally available fuel source. It has already been adopted as a marine fuel and vessel engines have also been developed to run on it. Yet Bio Methanol is dependent on scarce biomass feedstock and E-Methanol requires a source of biogenic CO2 at the production site and mature electrolyser technology

Lignin Fuels: This is a promising new fuel that is based on biomass residue (lignin) and methanol or ethanol is predicted to become one of the lowest-priced climate-neutral marine fuels; due to its lower cost of production.

Ammonia: Ammonia or green ammonia is slated to be a fully zero-emission fuel that can be produced from renewable electricity alone. However, safety and toxicity challenges, high infrastructure needs at ports are still steep hurdles that need to be overcome by this new green fuel.

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