I cannot find my invoice online. What do I do?

Invoices are generated 4 days prior to vessel ETD/ETA and can be accessed online on the same day via MyFinance. MyFinance interacts directly with our internal SAP platform(invoicing system), meaning that you will see an up-to-date view of all invoices that are visible to Maersk.

If you cannot find your invoice on MyFinance, this may be for one of these reasons: 

  1. Your invoice has not yet been generated. Please wait or contact your finance representative in case of overdue delays.
  2. You are trying to access an invoice that has been generated under a different customer code. In order to access this invoice, please log into the appropriate MyFinance account, or alternatively, reach out to our Live Help team to have your accounts linked. 
  3. The invoice was cancelled, but the country in question does not show that this happened. Reach out to your local finance contact within Maersk in this case. 

You can access our MyFinance portal here.

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