Maersk M&R mobile app

Equipment Maintenance and Repair

With Maersk M&R (Maintenance and Repair) mobile app, EMR vendors can easily access the important reefer container information and record the actions taken on Maersk equipment.

With data provided on Alarms and PTI statuses, vendors can complete work based on live data from our remote container management system, allowing them to work faster and more efficiently.

The RCD section allows vendors to complete device installations and repair work and have it verified instantly, direct from the app.

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Quick access to alarm details

  • View a list of all malfunctioning containers in your location, straight from RCM (Remote Container Management) system.
  • The alarms are sorted by their types and by their status, allowing you to work quickly between the escalated and assigned alarms.
  • You can check the details of any container and its alarms.
M&R Alarm details

Easily check the PTI status

  • The PTI section of the app shows you the PTI status of all the containers in your location. You can also choose to search the PTI status for any particular container.
  • The provision of the PTI status on containers would give you the visibility on what type of pre-trip inspection has to be performed on each container.
M&R PTI status

Record the actions on Maersk equipment

  • With the Device screen, you would see a summary of the different devices available in your shop’s inventory.
  • Device installations, replacements, repairs, demounts and downgrades can all be completed, verified and have the work order submitted, directly from the app.
M&R record actions of equipment

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