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LogiPharma 2024

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April 16-18
Lyon, France

Supply chain Rx: Dose up on supply chain innovation

From adapting to an ageing population, to overcoming capacity constraints while embracing sustainability, the pharmaceutical supply chain industry is witnessing a paradigm shift in how life-saving medicines are sourced, manufactured, and distributed. These trends not only reflect a drive towards greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness but also underscore the critical importance of agility and resilience in ensuring quality remains intact through supply chain ups and downs.

Join us at LogiPharma 2024 in France to dive into the latest insights and craft strategies for building resilient and flexible cold chains. With our integrated logistics solutions, we're here to help you pave the way for seamless transportation of critical medicines worldwide, ensuring quality without compromise.

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How does Maersk ensure pharmaceutical cold chain integrity?

captain peter
Real-time insights and transparency
Utilising Remote Container Management and Captain Peter's dedicated monitoring, we offer hourly data snapshots, ensuring real-time insights during transit.
Agility and precision
As vessel owners, our sea-based asset ownership enables swift responses, mitigating temperature excursions and safeguarding your cargo.
global reach
Global reach, customised solutions
With a vast global presence and expanding cold store network, we offer customised end-to-end solutions adaptable to your product's lifecycle.
Sustainability and global well-being
Aligned with our commitment to sustainability, we proactively reduce our carbon footprint, optimise energy usage, and decrease waste by securing an unbroken cold chain.
Expertise and assurance
Our commitment goes beyond cargo; we comprehend the significance of transporting life-saving medical interventions globally. Backed by our experienced  cold chain experts, we ensure the utmost care for your sensitive cargo.

Driving sustainable supply chains

Hear from our customers as they share how Maersk's integrated solutions empowered them to streamline operations, minimise complexities, and reduce waste in their supply chain journeys.

An innovation partnership

The world’s leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies rely on Maersk to deliver products safely anywhere in the world. Read the case study to know how Maersk and Bayer collaborated to come up with a customised carbon neutral warehouse in Poland and ensure storage, manufacturing and handling solutions for a range of Bayer’s products.

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Forging a net-zero supply chain with Novo Nordisk

Follow Novo Nordisk and Maersk on their journey to create a mindful supply chain, delivering life-saving medicines while promoting a sustainable planet.

Transforming pharma supply chains for the future 

Read our latest article by Gaetan Van Exem, Global Vertical Head, Pharma and Healthcare Cold Chain Vertical which explains the vital role of trusted partnerships and truly integrated logistics in building reliable and resilient pharma cold chain solutions. 

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Meet our dedicated pharma cold chain team

Gaetan Van
Gaetan Van Exem
Global Vertical Head, Pharma and Healthcare, Cold Chain Vertical
Sebastian Steinmueller
Business Product Owner for Pharma Cold Chain Management

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