Hello, my name is Paul Vidler, Talent Attraction Manager for Europe in the Talent Acquisition and Attraction team at Maersk. I joined Maersk at the end of October 2022, and being part of an organization that lives and breathes their core values has been amazing.

Maersk Core Values

Previously to Maersk, I had worked in the recruitment industry for over a decade and found myself reaching a plateau in my career and looking for something more meaningful. The desire to move in-house led me to Maersk, I was referred by a past colleague who spoke highly of the culture and values of Maersk.

What stood out to me about Maersk was their commitment to their employees and the emphasis on humbleness. It’s not every day you come across an organization that genuinely cares for its employees and seeing “our employees” listed as a core value on their website really resonated with me.

My initial interaction with Maersk was during the interview process which was a revelation. My interviewers were honest with me which was refreshing, and I was impressed with the relevancy of each of the questions they asked in my interview demonstrating their commitment to finding the right person for the job.

From Talent Sourcing Specialist to Talent Attraction Manager

At Maersk, if you show the willingness and desire to learn more and do more, there are many opportunities to grow your career here. I initially joined Maersk as a Talent Sourcing Specialist, to be the lead sourcer for Europe. During my time in that role, I showed my eagerness to contribute more, embrace global projects and expand my skills. Maersk rewarded my initiative and hard work with a promotion to my current role as Talent Attraction Manager for Europe reflecting that the company's ethos of rewarding initiative and fostering growth.

Fulfilling role, supportive team

In my current role, no two days are ever the same. It’s incredibly varied and I can see the impact my work is making which makes my role really fulfilling. I also find that my work provides me with the right level of challenge, and I know if my role ever gets too challenging my manager and my team will be there to support me.

One of the highlights of working at Maersk are the people and supportive environment. Everyone is keen to help everyone; I haven’t met anyone at Maersk who hasn’t been able to help me or share their insights. Despite being home based and having only met a handful of people in person, the supportive culture at Maersk means I have always felt like part of a cohesive global team.

Maersk’s commitment to core values and their employees

Nine months ago, my life outside of work underwent a significant change – my wife and I welcomed our baby into our family. Since my wife’s return to work after maternity leave a couple months ago, I have been working condensed hours. I work 10 days’ worth of hours over 9 days, which means I have every other Monday off.

This has allowed me to spend precious time with my daughter while still excelling in my role. This is one of the things that make me feel that Maersk really lives their core values; the organization really does have a commitment to their employees. Being part of an organization that lives and breathes their core values is a brilliant aspect of the job.

The change to my working schedule hasn’t impacted my work or my position in the organization. In fact, the change coincided with my promotion to Talent Attraction Manager, representing the faith and confidence Maersk has in me to take on more responsibility while making the transition to condensed hours. Maersk's accommodation and approval of my new working schedule shows their real commitment to a healthy work-life balance which is something I really appreciate.

Balance between professional and personal life

What I cherish most about working at Maersk is the balance it allows between professional challenges and personal priorities. It’ a workplace that not only recognises dedication and hard work but actively supports its employees in achieving a fulfilling work-life balance. If you're seeking a company that values initiative, promotes a collaborative culture, and genuinely cares for its employees, Maersk is the place to be.

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