Following a cyberattack on April 18th, 2022, the Customs Authority in Costa Rica has issued a decree, DGA-015-2022. The decree pertains to all carriers transporting dry import cargo to Caldera Port (Sociedad Portuaria Puerto Caldera, SPC), and states that all dry import cargo must go to Transitory Depots (TD) where said cargo will await the required customs release.

To this, we have implemented the following measures for cargo arriving or entering through Caldera Port:

  • Freetime period for Combined Demurrage & Detention beginning from the date the container enters the TDs (Gate-In Full). Further, units in the TDs have a freetime period of 7 calendar days. Once this freetime period is over, DnD tariff conditions will apply.
  • This condition is applicable to all import dry cargo that enter through Caldera Port and are transferred to a TD.
  • Dangerous cargo or IMO and refrigerated cargo, due to customs policies, cannot leave the Port Zone to a TD. It must be picked up directly from terminal.
  • This measure excludes cargo under special governance such as
    • Free Zone,
    • Perfeccionamiento Activo (customs law allowing import of goods without paying import taxes or levies),
    • Despacho Domiciliario (law allowing private entities who provide services to government functions to receive cargo directly on their premises) that under prior coordination with the terminal and customs, will not be moved to a TD,
    • Cargo transferred to the Fiscal Warehouse of Port A220, as well as
    • Any other exception that is approved or authorized by Customs and that its application implies that the containers remain inside the port area.

Transportation fee of USD 107 per container would be applicable, covering the cost of transporting containers from the Puerto Caldera terminal to our authorized Transitory Depots.

Fees pertaining to Container Storage Import would also be applicable, covering manoeuvring and storage costs inside the terminal.

Terminal public tariff rates for storage and terminal zone transfers apply. Follow link for more details: Puerto – Sociedad Portuaria ( / Tarifas.pdf (

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Should you have any further questions, please contact your local Maersk professional. Our customer service and commercial teams are always available to support should you need assistance.

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