We want your experience with us to be straight forward and ensuring safety as regulated at SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea). In line with this, we want to re-emphasize Maersk Weight Discrepancy Fee policy launched last 15 June 2020.

There are still non-compliance containers and as per Terminal, there are still shippers who rely on them to provide their VGM details. Please be informed that VGM details are to be submitted by shipper under SOLAS Legislation.

  • Export Shippers are responsible for the VGM provided to Shipping lines and the terminals through the export Pre-advise (NAVIS).
  • Methods of achieving VGM by shippers
    • Fully weigh the laden export container by authorized weigh device, or;
    • Provide calculated weight based on stuffing details i.e weight of boxes, goods inside e.g 500 boxes at 40kg = 20,000kgs cargo weight

Under Weight Discrepancy Fee Policy, we will verify & compare the declared weight.

The 3 Checks we will perform are

  • Discrepancy between VGM and weight in shipping instruction (cargo weight+ tare weight) is +/- 5000 kgs.
  • Declared VGM exceeds allowable payload as per CSC Plate (excluding SOC)
  • Declared VGM is less than Tare Weight of the container.

Any failures to these checks will result in a Weight discrepancy fee of USD 100 per bill of lading.

We encourage you to declare correct cargo weight and VGM on shipping instruction via your preferred channel and submit the shipping instruction on timely manner. Please do not stuff your cargo exceeding maximum container payload.

How to Update VGM via Shipment Binder on our Maersk website if VGM from Terminal is not yet transmitted or not successfully transmitted? click here

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local Maersk A/S Customer Service Representative through the following channels

Tel: +63 2 7976 9590 (MNL) / +63 32 230 2303 (VIS) / +63 82 272 7303 (MIN)

Export concerns: ph.export@maersk.com
Import concerns: ph.import@maersk.com

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