We hope that you are staying safe and healthy during this time. With this advisory, we would like to remind you of a few countries in which shipment destination charges will follow the Freight specifications

  • Onne, Nigeria
    Direction: World to Onne, Nigeria
    Port Security Service - Import (PSI) in Onne, Nigeria is payable along with the freight effective since 15th May, 2019
  • Guinea
    Direction: World to Guinea
    Destination Certificate Charge (DCG) in Guinea is mandatory and payable along with the freight
  • Berbera, Somalia
    Direction: World to Berbera, Somalia
    Recovery for Handling (RHI) Import follows basic ocean freight charge for imports into Berbera, Somalia effective since 15th August, 2019
    Container Cleaning Imports (CCI) and Terminal Handling Service at Destination (DHC) All destination charge for Berbera, Somalia MUST be settled at Origin. Somalia does not accept Collect payment terms. This is effective since 1st October, 2019
  • Djibouti, DJ – World to Djibouti, Djibouti
    Recovery for Handling - Imports charge (RHI) is payable along with the freight effective since 1st May, 2019
  • Ghana – Would to Ghana
    Port Additionals / Port Dues Import (PAI) is payable along with the freight effective since 2nd Feb 2020

We ask that you keep this information as a reference upon placing booking on our SPOT platform on Maersk website, as clarification for the payment terms of your shipments.

Should you have any queries, please kindly contact your local Maersk office for more information.

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