We wish to inform you of the applicable charges for the various value-added services offered in Tanzania. Please find below the charge names, definitions and amount charged for each service. The following charges are applicable effective 1st May 2020.

  • Transport Document Amendment Fee Export (AME): Charged for any amendments done after the submission of shipping instructions.
    Amount charged: USD 70 per bill of lading.
  • Transport Document Issuance Service Export/Import (BLE/BLI): Charged for providing a new a new set of Bills of lading.
    Amount charged: USD 50 per bill of lading.
  • Payer Amendment Fee Origin (PAO): Charge applicable for change of prepaid payer or payment terms after the first prepaid invoice is issued by Carrier.
    Amount charged: USD 40 per bill of lading.
  • Carrier Provided Packaging (CPP): Charge applicable for provision of dry bags.
    Amount charged: USD 25 per 20’ and USD 50 per 40’
  • Electronic Cargo Release Service Export/Import (TLE/TLI): This service is also known as a 'Telex' or 'Express' release and allows the cargo to be released at destination upon proof of identity of the receiver as consignee, provided all 3 original B/L's have been surrendered by the consignee, or an authorized agent of the consignee, at another carrier’s office location.
    Amount charged: USD 30 per bill of lading.
  • Extra Seal Charge (ESC): The charge covers the service of providing extra seals.
    Amount charged: USD 10 per seal.
  • Manual Documentation Processing Fee (MDF): This fee covers the additional administration required to process shipping instructions received via non e-channel. These are known as manual booking channels.
    Amount charged: USD 200 per bill of lading.
  • Freight Tax Export (FTE): 18% tax of the Origin Documentation Fee as stipulated on the regulations.
    Amount charged: USD 12.6 per bill of lading
  • Tanzania Shipping Fee Export/Import (TSE/TSI): Applied as a pass-through charge collected on behalf of the Shipping Authority.
    Amount charged on Exports: USD 7.12 per 20’, USD 14.24 per 40’ and USD 35.6 per 40’H
    Amount charged on Import: Charged based on origin, container type and size.
  • Late Payment Fee (LPF): Applicable when payment has not been remitted within 7 days from the date of vessel sailing.
    Amount charged: USD 100 per bill of lading.
  • Transport Document Amendment Fee Import (AMI): Charged for any amendment done for imports.
    Amount charged: USD 70 per bill of lading.
  • Payer Amendment Fee Destination (PAD): Charge applicable for change of collect payer after arrival of the final vessel.
    Amount charged: USD 40 per bill of lading.
  • Cross Border Charge (XBC): Charged for the equipment management for merchant haulage containers moving across the borders.
    Amount charged: USD 50 per 20’ and USD 100 per 40’
  • Equipment Positioning Fee (POS): Charged for the pick-up of container from a stripping facility to the depot.
    Amount charged: USD 50 per 20’ and USD 100 per 40’

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your local sales or customer service representative. You will find contact details on Maersk website.

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