The rhythm behind the EV revolution

Build seamless continuity into your EV supply chain with Maersk

Keeping EV components moving no matter what

The reliance on Asia for battery components is critical. Getting EV components across such a large distance is a challenging one as logistics experts often struggle with low visibility, the constant risk of supply chain disruptions and an increasing need for more sustainable logistics solutions.

With the EV market forecasted to grow by nine times over, the need to ensure a seamless flow of EV components is critical and this is where Maersk’s integrated logistics solutions can make a huge difference. 

Greater visibility
Digitally connected for better visibility

Make quicker and more informed decisions to support operations with real-time inventory visibility and lead time predictions.

Multi model transport
Flexible multimodal transport solutions

Take advantage of integrated logistics solutions and switch seamlessly between ocean, air and inland transportation solutions to keep EV components moving, no matter what.

Strategic warehousing and storage

Rely on a network of specialised and certified warehouses across Europe, that can keep your EV components – including batteries - as integrated part of your supply chain or to hold strategic buffer stocks.

Global consulting pictogram
Strong global network and infrastructure

With an extensive logistics network across 130 countries we can provide for a seamless flow of EV materials and components from Asia or near sourcing locations across Europe.

More solutions to support your EV needs


Air Freight for time sensitive and high value cargo

Maersk Air Freight offers seamless transportation through our own controlled network. With an extensive air freight capacity, we provide multiple service levels to cater to the auto industry with flexible and reliable transport based on your needs. Learn more


Warehousing and Distribution solutions to avoid disruptions

Streamline EV component sourcing with our strategically located warehouses. Enhance supply chain efficiency and contingency planning for JIT manufacturing with proximity to ports, simplified handling, sorting, and loading for multiple destinations. Learn more

supplychain management

Supply Chain Management to simplify and connect cargo flows

Our Supply Chain Management (SCM) specializes in tackling logistics complexities. Our teams of experts assist you in achieving your business goals through our control tower set-up by driving cost efficiency, reliability, agility, resilience, and sustainability. Learn more

transforming first mile

Transforming first mile (drayage) with EV

Embrace eco-friendly logistics with our growing all-electric trucking fleet in North America. With over 450 new electric trucks being added to the fleet, we're advancing our technology for global expansion, aiming for a sustainable future. Learn more


Multi modal cross border connectivity

Maersk offers comprehensive services to fulfill your cross-border shipping needs both through the Northern (Canada) and Southern (Mexico) crossings. Our transport solutions are designed for efficiency, marked by a customer-focused approach. With our state-of-the-art technology, you’ll stay updated on your shipments around the clock, ensuring safe and reliable end-to-end transportation.

risk based

Risk-based supply chain mapping

Achieve CTPAT Compliance with the Altana and Maersk Forced Labor partnership. Importers can mitigate risk by utilizing the capabilities of the Altana Atlas and Maersk’s unmatched expertise in international trade. This collaboration enables the proactive establishment of trusted supplier networks and compliance with regulations such as UFLPA. Learn more

sustainable solution

Sustainable solutions for all modes of transport

Reduce greenhouse emissions with our end-to-end integrated solutions.

  • Maersk ECO Delivery prioritizes green fuels for eco-friendly cargo transport.
  • Maersk Emissions Dashboard brings visibility to the forefront, streamlines emissions reporting, and optimizes intelligence tailored to your business needs.
  • Continue to reduce your carbon emissions on land with our EV trucks for sustainable carrier haulage. Learn more

Powering an EV revolution with continuity

Behind the quiet hum of an EV, there’s the rhythmic flow of a supply chain that ensures all components arrive in the right sequence, at the right time. As the automobile industry advances towards increased efficiency, it is necessary that the supply chain also matches the speed.

At Maersk, we are constantly evolving our EV component supply chain to perfectly cater to your needs. We ensure innovative, flexible, and reliable integrated supply chain solutions to keep your production lines moving smoothly.

This year, Maersk is sponsoring the Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Global event.

Regaining capacity, stability and confidence in North America’s supply chain

Join us at the event to connect with our representatives and gain deeper insights.

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