Maersk Customs Services in Malaysia

Our Maersk Customs Services can help you with the complexities of border controls and customs regulations. For import and export cargos. At both - origin and destination.

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Core services

Import customs clearance

Standard full import customs clearance process

  • HS code review and suggestion
  • Import entry declaration
  • Act as intermediary between traders and Customs in Customs clearance process

Export customs clearance

Standard full export customs clearance process

  • Export entry declaration
  • Act as intermediary between traders and Customs in Customs clearance process

Transit documents

A transit document allows the movement of container through Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

  • Transit entry declaration
  • Act as an intermediary between traders and Customs in customs clearance process at the border

Additional services

Certificate of Origin (COO)

Certificate of Origin (COO) is a trade document that helps to identify the origin of the good.
A preferential CO allows your buyer to pay lower or no customs duty when you export your goods under a Free Trade Agreement or Schemes of Preferences.

  • Preferential Certificate of Origin (PCO)
  • Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin (NPCO)
  • Back to Back Form D
  • Back to Back Form E

Consultancy Services

Our customs teams are always happy to assist any query you may have in relation to customs clearance.

  • FTA applicability - design solution, implement execution
  • HS code consultancy
  • Customs regimes recommendations
  • Trade compliance

What is required to complete Maersk Customs Services?

One-time process

1. Customer set up – To enable Maersk handle the shipment

Mandatory documents required:

  • Appointment Letter (Sample as attached)
  • Form 9 (SSM – Company Registration)
  • Fom 49 (SSM - Company Directors List)
  • Identity Card of the Signatory who signs the appointment letter

Attached sample letter appointment for Port Klang, Penang, Tanjung Pelepas and Pasir Gudang. Other location to provide upon request.

Definition of tab:

First tab - Checklist on required documents for nomination from customer
Second tab - Perlantikan agen letter (customs nomination letter)
Third tab - Pengesahan Nama and alamat (Address verification letter)
Fourth tab - Senarai Nama Ejen ( Letter requesting agent details)
Lead time: 3-5 days (with completed documents received)

2. For checking on the nomination status

we only require a letter from customer which is letter requesting agent details (TAB 4. Senarai Nama Ejen in excel file) . With this letter we able to check on the nomination list first with customs. Sample of letter

3. Signed of Power of Attorney (POA)

This grans permission for Maersk to complete MCS on behalf of the customer.

  • Certified copy of Company registration
  • Certificied copy of VAT Certificate/Tax ID
  • Original ID Card/Passport of customer's authorized board director (when submitting customs)
  • POA

Standard Process

1. Import Entry declaration

Mandatory of documents required:

CIPL - Commercial Invoice and Packing List
B/L - Bill of Lading or Seawaybill
Import License/Permit (if required)
COO - Certificate of Origin
Lead time: 1 day

2. Export Entry declaration

Mandatory of documents required:

BC - Booking Confirmation
CIPL - Commercial Invoice and Packing List
COO - Certificate of Origin
Lead time : 1 day

For Abbreviations & Explanations, please check shipping terms.


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