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Designing the right product is imperative for your automotive business, but roadblocks in your supply chain can come in the way of achieving your vision. We believe that partnering with an integrated logistics provider can help you overcome these challenges to deliver that perfect end product.

Let's take you along with us to relive some of our favourite moments from Automechanika 2023 at Johannesburg.

Your automotive supply chain, the way you like it

Any delay in your automotive supply chain can have a domino effect on your entire business. A car can have as many as 30,000 individual parts, and a single missing element can completely alter your end product. Relying on multiple vendors can pose several risks to a perfectly timed supply chain and lead to financial penalties. This means end-to-end visibility and reliability are critical for automotive businesses to be at the top of their game.

So, why deal with such uncertainties when you can partner with an integrated logistics provider who can ensure that everything is in place at the right time?

Watch the video from Antonio Fondevilla, Global Automotive Vertical Head of Maersk to know how can your supply chain adapt to the new transformations in the automotive industry.

Our offerings for a perfectly timed supply chain

Our end-to-end supply chain solutions help you battle every uncertainty by getting your auto components delivered to you just in time so that you can make the car you want with the parts you require.

Integrated solutions

Our integrated solutions offer you a single point of contact, a connected network of vessels, air freight, warehousing and trucking, along with customs expertise that orchestrate global cargo flows and connection points to perfection. Our global network, combined with our local expertise, ensures that you receive all your components at the right time.

Air Freight
Customs House Brokerage
Warehousing & Distribution
Inland Solutions

End-to-end visibility

Having visibility into your supply chain gives you knowledge of your products’ whereabouts and helps you plan your next moves better. Our digital platforms provide you with data-driven insights so that you can proactively resolve any issue that may arise and thereby keep your supply chain perfectly timed.

shipment managment
Track all milestones end to end
Control tower
Digital synergies
Industry-leading EDI and e-commerce connectivity

Hear from our customers

The automotive industry comes with its fair share of complexities that brands must take care of while designing a perfectly timed supply chain. This requires taking charge of market demands and addressing them with confidence. Hear from our customers how our solutions help them with on-time delivery, seamless communication, dedicated support, and more.

How does Maersk support the automotive supply chain?

"A seamless solution, ease of use and good communication" says Jeemersan Govender from Africa Mobility Solutions.

Get to know why Tata Motors South Africa chose Maersk as their preferred automotive logistics partner

Hear from Jay Choksi, Chief Financial Officer, Tata Motors South Africa about why they chose Maersk as their preferred automotive logistics partner.

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