ALL THE WAY for society

We are committed to keeping the worlds’ supply chains moving, and to decarbonising logistics so that the world can trade sustainably.

Setting a course for zero carbon

We are determined to lead the change in our industry towards a carbon-neutral future.

Change demands action, and our commitments to decarbonisation are firm and clear: a 60% relative reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030 compared to 2008 levels, net-zero vessels on the water by 2030, and net-zero CO2 emissions from our own operations by 2050.

Our climate commitments also extend to supporting our customers’ carbon targets. We continue testing and launching new products – such as Maersk ECO Delivery – as we work to accelerate the uptake of carbon-neutral products and services across our industry. It’s just one of the ways that we go all the way to drive sustainability in our customers’ supply chains.

Maersk is determined to lead the change towards decarbonization.

Keeping global trade moving

Across oceans , ports and continents, we provide essential infrastructure that links producers, suppliers, manufacturers and consumers around the world. And every day we strive to ensure these supply chains stay connected and protected.

Of course, we can’t do this alone. That’s why we collaborate with our customers and industry partners, as well as international trade institutions, policymakers and academia, to alleviate friction so that the benefits of trade reach as far as possible.

Because integration beats isolation.  And because we understand the importance of being there for each other – all the way – as we grow, as we weather the storms, and as we recover.
Maersk strives to ensure supply chains stay connected and protected.

Trade is all around us

Look around you. Most of the objects you see came from somewhere else. Trade made that possible. Logistics made it happen.

We keep the world’s supply chains running. Every day, we help our customers move almost 20% of the world’s food, materials and goods – items we all depend on to live, work and thrive. It’s a big responsibility, and one we take seriously.

As a global leader in supply chain logistics, we have both the ability and a duty to facilitate open trade that is inclusive, sustainable and founded on trust.

Maersk plays a role is keeping the supply chains running.

Enabling access and development

We cherish the entrepreneurial spirit wherever we see it. That’s why we work tirelessly to ensure that trade is inclusive, open and trusted.

But making trade work better for everyone also means looking beyond obvious logistical barriers. Recognising the role that women entrepreneurs play in driving inclusive economic growth in developing countries, we are helping the SheTrades initiative to connect millions of women entrepreneurs to markets by 2021.

By driving inclusivity in global trade,  we connect more people, unleash more creativity and share more opportunities.

It’s not just moving goods, it’s a movement.

Maersk cherishes the entrepreneurial spirit and recognizes women entrepreneurs.

Together, we go further

We see trade as a positive force for bringing people together. It’s how we reach out and connect with new people, places and cultures. It’s how we share goods, ideas, skills and technologies. Throughout human history, trade has opened our world and our minds. It’s brought us, together, to where we are today.

At its best, trade is an accelerator for knowledge sharing, peace and prosperity. A pure expression of a simple and positive human impulse – to trust. Every transaction demands interaction and every interaction demands trust.

That’s what moves us to go all the way – together.

Maersk goes all the way to connect people, places and cultures.

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