Tech components not arriving on time can give you sleepless nights

Maintain momentum and stay ahead of the game with integrated logistics and end-to-end visibility

Components not arriving on time. Downtime in manufacturing. Stockouts during seasonal spikes. These are just a few symptoms of a bad supply chain, which can be scary for your technology and electronics business, especially if it’s on a growth trajectory.

To keep the momentum going, your business requires more visibility across its supply chain, to drive reliability and resilience. Get the control and flexibility to stay ahead of the game with multimodal transport solutions and digital tools from Maersk.

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Build a resilient future with near sourcing

As a result of recent market disruptions, electronic companies are reconsidering their sourcing locations. There is a trend of redistributing supply chains to a wider variety of countries to achieve a combination of additional security, reliability, speed to market and sustainability. This process of reshoring and near sourcing can help with building resilient technology supply chains that keep you ahead of the game.

In the whitepaper, ‘Rewiring electronics and technology supply chains for a resilient future,’ created by Reuters, in partnership with Maersk, learn what Maersk, Reuters and industry leaders are saying about near sourcing.

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Visibility and control in technology supply chains

Technology and electronics manufacturers face myriad logistics challenges, from global semiconductor chip shortages to consumers’ elevated delivery expectations. And in the current economic climate – with falling consumer spending and squeezed margins – there’s less room for error. So, to reduce complexity and improve control, supply chain visibility must sit at the heart of your logistics.

This interactive guide shows you how to marry digitalisation and strategy for optimised supply chain performance.

Visibility and control in technology supply chains


9 supply chain issues you must address

Today, supply chain issues are giving technology and electronics manufacturers sleepless nights. But how you respond can prove the difference between success and failure. Diversifying suppliers can mitigate the impact of a Sino-centric supply chain; decentralising warehousing can streamline returns processes; negotiating fixed-price contracts can counteract price uncertainty.

This infographic for in-depth guidance on tackling your biggest logistics issues.

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Overcoming the chip shortage in the technology industry

The chip industry is an interconnected ecosystem dependent on each aspect of its supply chain, with each issue needing different a solution. That’s why, it can be challenging to address the current chip shortage in the technology industry, which is expected to continue well into 2023.

In this situation, end-to-end real-time tracking and insights can keep you ahead of the game.

Overcoming the chip shortage in the technology industry

Deliver your technology products faster with digitalisation

Today, consumers in Europe are increasingly prioritising speed and convenience. That’s why, you need to ensure your technology products reach your customers quickly, without compromising on their quality or cost. Not only does this keep you ahead of the competition in the market, it also helps you maintain your business growth.

In this article, we discuss how digital solutions for visibility, data and customs can help you speed up the delivery of your technology products, even across borders.

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