Maersk Spot Penalty Fees

Cancellation fee

If the Merchant wishes to cancel shipment for part of or all the Goods (except combining bookings without impacting on TEU volume as originally booked) under the booking confirmation after this has been issued, then a cancellation notice must be provided by Merchant no less than seven (7) days before the scheduled estimated time of departure (“ETD”) and the Merchant shall pay the Carrier a fee per container cancelled.

Amendment Fee

If any changes to the booking is requested by Merchant then this will be subject to an Amendment Fee.

No-Show Fee

If the Merchant fails to notify the Carrier of cancellation of part or all Goods 7 or more days before scheduled estimated time of departure, or fails to deliver part or all Goods for shipment, then the Merchant shall pay a no-show fee.

Compensation fee

If, for any reason within the Carrier’s control, the Goods are not loaded either onboard the original first leg ocean going vessel on the booking confirmation or onboard an alternative vessel due to Carrier's fault (at Carrier’s discretion) within three (3) days before or after the scheduled ETD as confirmed in the booking confirmation, then the Carrier shall pay the Customer a Compensation Fee per container not so loaded if: (i) the conditions for payment are met in full; (ii) the claim is lodged within 90 calendar days of the conditions for payment being met in full.

The Compensation Fee only applies to DRY non-hazardous cargo types, and does not apply to any other cargo types including but not limited to Reefer, Special Cargo, non-DRY and hazardous cargo."

  • Reefer, Special Cargo is excluded
  • Only DRY non-hazardous cargo is covered in this document
  • The fee applies to all DRY Commodity types

*Please refer to the Maersk Spot Terms and Conditions here for more detailed description.

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