One country. One distribution partner

Taking your business to every part of India

What if you could connect your business to destinations across the country through a single, robust and efficient distribution network?

Supported by a fleet of 4,000+ trucks, including reefers, our domestic distribution solution offers end-to-end logistics services to over 21,335 Indian pin codes. From warehouses and ports to retail outlets and fulfilment centres, you can rely on us to connect the various touchpoints in your business seamlessly.

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How does an end-to-end domestic network benefit your business?

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100% SLA compliance for on-time deliveries as per your requirement


Control towers for 24x7 tracking from start to finish

Safety check

100% e-lock-enabled trucks for guaranteed safety of your cargo

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Dependable transit schedules make your journeys predictable
Electric vehicles for last-mile deliveries
Store to Door
Store-to-door solution 
Catering to locations across India

Control the journeys on the go

Our digital control towers capture the end-to-end journey of your consignment, from planning and billing to delivery. So that you can enjoy complete control over every aspect of your cargo’s journey, including routes, schedules, cost and security.

Key benefits:
  • Real-time tracking
  • Customer portal
  • Trip analysis
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On the road to a climate-friendly future

Powered by a fleet of 200 electric vehicles, our specialised last-mile solutions are designed to reduce the environmental impact of your supply chain.

  • Features advanced Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Battery health monitoring
  • Intelligence route planning
  • Faster charging
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End-to-end logistics to move from region to region

Maersk's nationwide distribution network is supported by our integrated logistics solutions that help your business reach the urban, rural and suburban parts of India with enhanced ease and operational efficiency.

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Our solutions include:

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Road transportation for containers to and from the ports
Containers Pickup
Container movement in and out of ICD
Dry and cold trucking services between cities
Last mile delivery
Last-mile delivery
Air Freight

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