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Maersk Integrated Logistics

Embrace integrated logistics solutions for a seamless supply chain experience

Staying ahead of the curve in the dynamic world of fashion requires a strategic logistical approach that seamlessly aligns with the ever-changing demands of the industry.

To outsmart change in fashion, brands need tailored end-to-end logistics solutions to navigate supply chain complexities. Enabling better control and visibility over the operations, ultimately offering exceptional customer experiences.

At the heart of Maersk’s integrated logistics lies a deep understanding of the industry's unique challenges. From managing seasonal fluctuations in demand, to ensuring timely delivery of products, fashion brands face a myriad of logistical hurdles. Our reliable end-to-end logistics solutions address these challenges so that you have greater control, flexibility and visibility till the last mile.

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Connecting Africa to the world

Fashion transcends borders to achieve a global presence. Maersk’s logistics expertise connects manufacturers from Africa to global markets with an integrated supply chain network with local and global presence. Thanks to our portfolio of integrated solutions, you do not have to rely on multiple logistics partners. As your reliable logistics partner, we will provide you complete control and visibility of your supply chain, while we take care of it for you.

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Empowering Africa’s supply chain with greater visibility and control

The Fashion industry is fast. To keep up with the ever-evolving demands, you must prioritise supply chain flexibility, visibility and control.

Having access to real-time data lets you stay on top of your supply chain operations. With Maersk, you can have end-to-end visibility, providing you with a forward-looking, more predictive and resilient supply chain experience. This lets you have control over cost implications and any disruption or delays that could impact your supply chain flow.

With Maersk, you can rest assured that your supply chain is uninterrupted and reaches your customers safely and on time.

Maersk integrated solutions

Explore Maersk’s end-to-end solutions to strengthen supply chains in East Africa and South Africa.

East Africa

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Ocean services
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Inland services
Warehouse center
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Lead logistics
Inventory management
direct deliveries
Value-added services

South Africa

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Lead logistics
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Inland services
Packed box
LCL solutions
Air services

Lifestyle logistics fashioned for evolving businesses in East Africa

As a result of working with multiple forwarding agents for their imports and exports, Jay Jay Textiles were facing issues with uncoordinated handovers and gaps in communication. Together, we designed lifestyle logistics solutions tailored to their unique needs to help them with their business expansion while battling operational disruptions.

Woman looking t-shirt and man describing the Lifestyle logistics fashioned to suit evolving businesses

Sharing the vision towards sustainability for Hela Apparel Holdings

As an industry leader in ethical working environments, Hela Apparel Holdings needed a partnership that would help them to reduce their turnaround time and costs within their supply chain. Discover how we designed a customised journey for them that reaffirmed their reputation as a sustainability-focused business.

Enabling business expansion for a fitness brand in South Africa

BODYTEC, a fitness and strength training establishment, wanted to create a business model that does not compromise on quality of service and fitness solutions. To overcome roadblocks in their business expansion plans for 2024, we customised solutions that helped in overcoming their logistical hurdles, leading to uninterrupted operations.

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