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See Maersk Spot or ocean prices instantly for your transportation needs.
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Quote with add-ons

Fill in the online quote form for a standard quotation.
Oversized cargo

Oversized cargo

Request a quotation for an ocean shipment that exceeds the dimensions of our standard containers.

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The simple, fast and convenient way to check a price online instantly.
Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance

Take no chances. Get comprehensive cover for your cargo through Maersk Cargo Insurance, provided by Zurich Insurance.

Are you exporting from or importing to the Americas and looking for tariff inquiry information, please click here.

Help information

Ocean Prices or Maersk Spot will offer instant prices on either Maersk Spot offers or Ocean prices including inland. Please note, apart from Maersk Spot or Contracted rates, all other rates are indicative only.

If you do not have a registered user account or would like to request a quote along with Value Added Surcharges, you can make a request using Quotes with Add-ons.

For ocean shipments where your cargo exceeds the limitations of a standard container, please request an Oversized Cargo Quote.

Use our Inland Price Look-up feature to find inland prices that are already included in your existing contract, or look up our tariff. Please note retrieved rates are indicative only.

If you require a quote with a validity of more than 3 months, please contact your local sales office.